Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

So last year at probably this exact same time I found out I was pregnant... Pretty crazy how much has happened in one year!
Max finally slept all night last night and Clark was home, too bad we didn't get to sleep all night. He is still on a heart monitor while he sleeps and I am guessing that since he is getting bigger his resting heart rate is slower. What this means to us is a night full of alarms on the stupid thing! It probably beeped 10-15 times saying low heart rate. For those of you unfarmiliar with this is it usually an issue with breathing that causes this. Each time it went off I could hear him breathing!!! He must have been in a very deep relaxed sleep and his heart rate went below the set limit. I talked to the NICU doctor and before adjusting his alarms she wants to make sure he isn't sick, so I guess we'll be going to the doctor tomorrow. Nurse mom listened and his lungs sound great and he acts fine so it should be a waste of time. Now if that sounds like an annoyance then you have NO idea. Since grandad and grandma dee are away we have Cami (she is really our dog, but clearly way too high maintenance to have with a baby). Cami is apparently afraid of the monitor beeps... She was walking around our room with her tail down, occasionally pawing at the door. After an hour and a half trying to get her to calm down we had to tie her to a leash to keep her on the bed. It worked, and we got to sleep. Clark is so mean to her and she still cuddled up with him, pretty funny since he really considered putting her in the car in the garage!! Well that's about all the excitement we have to share. Super excited for tomorrow night, we get to see Zach. He was the best man in our wedding and moved to florida. Now we get to see him about twice a year. Can't wait!
Good night!

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KeileyAB said...

He is getting so big and what a handsome little devil!!! What a miracle you truly have. We need to get Nicholas and Max together for a playdate soon.