Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mommy and Max

I just love spending the days with Max, don't get me wrong it can be exhausting when he is in a bad mood or doesn't feel good. But, when he is happy he is sooo much fun!! Max and I went to lunch with Grandma Dee and he flirted with everyone. Anytime someone would walk up and talk to him he would give them big smiles! The waitress at lunch carried him around for a little bit and he got her a lot of attention. Then Max and I went to Walmart, I really hate that place but it is very cheap! He was in a great mood all day! He ate squash for dinner, another veggie he used to hate. He ate the whole container plus a whole thing of bananas. I just kept feeding him and he kept eating. After his bath he got to wear his robe around the house. Since we don't have to mess with the monitor strap we can lather lotion all over him and he can lay around naked (Max loves this!). This is the first time he has worn the robe and I think he liked it!

Big blue eyes

He was a little fussy getting to sleep tonight, but he only slept about an hour and a half all day so I think he was just really tired. Hopefully he'll sleep a little later tomorrow... yeah right! Well, I am going to catch up on some tivo tonight and hopfully get to bed earlier than the last 2 nights. By the way, if you haven't seen Biggest Loser, you need to. I just love that show, it makes me want to eat for some reason, but I love the meaning behind it. This week the "biggest contestant ever" got kicked off. He is 19 or 20, I can't remember, anyway... when they get eliminated they show them now -in an update. Wow! He looked great. You all should watch it. I love TV! The Office is on now, it's a re-run, but it really doesn't matter, still hilarious! Good night!


Aunt Becki said...

Love the robe - the first pic reminds me of a Brice smile a bit...they might look a little bit alike...maybe.

Good luck with the sleeping later tomorrow - I'm hoping for a full night's sleep here!

Give Max a kiss for me (and Brice wants to give him some CPR :))

Grandma Dee said...

Amazing! Compare the first picture of Max in the robe to the NICU picture next too it. God has really blessed Max & this entire family with his little life.