Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catch Up

So, I apologize for the lack of posts! We were in Tenessee over the weekend as you can see from the last post and Max had to keep things interesting! Let me start of by re-capping the events:

Friday night Darren stayed home with the boys and Becki took my parents, Clark and I to the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. This is a place where aspiring and well-known singer/songwriters perform. It was well worth the drive and the late night, we all really enjoyed it and agree that this was a place we will visit every time we go to Tenessee.
Saturday we decided to go to downtown Nashville and explore. This is when we learned that going to Tenessee requires planning! We spent the whole day trying to find places to eat. It was exhausting!
Sunday we went to the Kix Brooks Vinyard. It was a lot of fun and the wine tasting was very nice!

Sunday afternoon Max started to get sick. He started with the vomiting and by morning it was both ends. Poor baby got a lot of pedialyte on Monday and we didn't go anywhere. He was still pretty puny on the plane ride home, but luckily he wore himself out and after 6oz of pedialyte he slept the whole way home.
Then last night, Max gave me whatever he had. Yuck. Thank God for Grandparents, they came to get him since Clark had to go to work. I was able to get some much needed rest and though I haven't felt 100% today I have a wonderful husband who got less than 4 hours of sleep so he could help me with all of Max's appointments.

OT was his second appt and it went well. He was very hungry and got to show Ashley how well he is eating these days. He then got tired and didn't make it much more than 30 minutes. He doesn't play well on command! I don't blame him, I don't like being told what to do either.

We went to the Pre-Anesthesia Testing center and officially got his surgery scheduled for his tubes for tomorrow! Yeah!! Tomorrow morning we have to be there by 8:15 and he will get them done around 9. We will then spend the night to make sure he has no problems with the anasthesia. They are keeping him because he was preemie and is not quite 60 weeks gestation. I just hope he doesn't get too mad at me in the morning when he gets pedialyte again... he really hates that stuff!

So, he seems to be feeling better today, still having watery poop and some diaper rash but he is not nearly as irritable and is eating a lot better. He ate 8oz at bedtime tonight! That is normal Max!

Better get to bed, we have to get up at 5:30 to give him his meds and pedialyte bottle. Sorry again for the lack of posts, I planned on doing it last night but obviously wasn't feeling up to it! I'll post tomorrow and update on the surgery.

Good night!

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