Friday, January 30, 2009

Rolie Polie

Max is rolling!!! Yep, both ways... he rolled over in his crib the other day, as Clark said though, "it didn't count." Well today he rolled from his back to his tummy over and over again on the floor. So many times that we were able to catch in on camera...

It's funny to watch him throw his whole body the other direction to get enough momentum to pick up his head. He has a lot of brains in there and they are heavy! He is having such a great week, I can't even believe the progress since Monday! What a cutie he is!
Max and I officially did nothing today. We hung out around the house and made dinner, played a lot, ate and slept (well he slept). When daddy got up he played with Max for a while, this is when we got the video. Then after we ate we all went for ice cream! Max ate carrots and bananas for dinner. Daddy tried to feed him tonight and he did pretty good. He fed him his carrots and part of the bananas, he is just learning to be patient! He has a really funny method to getting the "chin dribble" back in his mouth. Maybe someday he'll let me video it, probably not though! Also tonight we had to empty the diaper genie... so gross. I hate that smell, and since trash day was yesterday we get to enjoy it in our garage for a week. Gross. Maybe next time I should plan better! Well, I am going to enjoy yet another Friday night alone... Good night everyone!


Aunt Becki said...

Yay Max! Was Clark worried about poop coming through his diaper? :) I at least need a description of Clark's method of getting "chin dribble"...please!

Cathy said...

Grandma Cathy is soooo proud of you!!!!.