Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Baby

Max has done a complete 180 from last week at this time and I am so happy! Saturday afternoon Max had another episode of projectile vomit... and 2 hours after his bottle. As Grandma Dee and I cleaned him and the mess up we were talking about when all the volcanoes began. We agreed that he has spit up more since we have been adding more formula to his bottles. Since the frozen breast milk will only last so long we are needing to find a formula that is easier on his tummy so when he is on all formula he isn't miserable. We switched to Gentlease, for babies who have gas or are fussy. Max isn't really either of these, but the formula has "partially broken down proteins" so I thought it might be easier on him. And so far so good! He has only spit up once, Max and Clark were visiting GG in her temporary home and Clark said the room was very hot, maybe that made him sick (anyone who has ridden in the car with Clark knows he can't be hot, or "he'll throw up," too funny, Becki you'll like that one! Max is more and more like his daddy every day!). The next improvement is the reaching for toys. Not only does he love his toys but he loves anything in front of him, including the remotes, cell phones and our drinks. Typical baby! This afternoon I had Max in his crib while I put some stuff in his closet and when I turned around he was on his tummy... he rolled over!! Clark says it doesn't count because his head is elevated. Clark is jealous he didn't see it, cause it counts! His head was up, he didn't roll down hill or anything. He has also perfected the tummy to back roll, he no longer leads with his abnormally large head. Now he picks up his butt with his feet and knocks it over. He is going to be rolling all over soon! However, the most improvement I have seen happened tonight. I almost always try to feed Max baby food and usually whatever I can get in his mouth he'll eat, but getting it in is a tricky process. Tonight, Max ate a whole thing of green beans and half a container of bananas, and he opened his mouth!!! That's right, never once did I have to force in the spoon! I know he got full, too, because he got a bath right after the food and then wanted his bottle and only took 3oz before passing out! Lately I have had to give him his 6oz and then rock him to sleep. He is doing so great and I am SO glad! He still has his fussy moments, but it is so nice to see him feeling great and making such great progress.

His ears are also doing great, I haven't noticed much drainage and he is definitely hearing everything. Just now I was downstairs doing some laundry and hit the wall with the basket. He immediately woke up crying and wanted his binky! I don't know if anyone has noticed or not, but Max has a new binky! For so long he really wanted the vanilla scented "soothie" binky, but only during the day and only when he was sleepy. All of the sudden when we changed his bottles he didn't want anything to do with the vanilla binky. I happen to have a few different ones in his diaper bag and when we were in Tenessee I tried a new one and WOW! All of the sudden he wants it all the time, he has even woken up early in the night (9 or 10) for me to put it back in his mouth. Too cute! I just love him so much and I get so happy for him when he learns or discovers something new. There is nothing better that watching someone so innocent learn things for the first time.

This picture is hilarious! If you look closely you can see that Max's hair is standing straight up. Clark was rubbing his head with a fleece blanket...

I finally remembered my camera for Max's PT appointment the other day so here are some cute photos of him playing with Michelle, we love her!

Good Night!


Anonymous said...

As Max is my grandson and the cutest little guy, I want to express how glad I and many others are for how well Max made it through getting his ear tubes. He has had to fight alot in his young life but will be better for it. Great job Max

Aunt Becki said...

Okay, so I laughed out loud when I read about Max spitting up b/c it was hot. Too funny!

So, since Max opens his mouth on his own to eat now, do you still open your mouth?? :)

I was just thinking how great it is to watch Brice learn new things...it is so sweet!

Cute pics - Michelle looks like she does a great job with him.

Dee and Gdad said...

What a cute kid. Dad is trying to think of something stupid to say so the next comment is from him, not me! Grandma Dee

It is kind of hard for me to say something stupid,
It is nice to see the progress Max is making. I know others will see this so I don't want to look the fool.
This is a good venue to share our thought and concerns and let others know how grateful we are that Max is progressing.

Hey did you guys see that good lookin'Grandma. Not a bad catch for an old guy like me.

Sorry I did not say something stupid, but stay tuned, it will be profound. (Look it up Clark)

Gdad said...

Hey Beth, I need some clarification, what is a "thing" of green beans. Just wondering.