Thursday, August 27, 2009

busy busy

Well with the exception of me fighting off the cold/flu symptoms at the beginning of the week we have been one busy and productive family!

Tuesday Clark and I painted our almost completely rennovated basement... I will show pics when it is more complete and... ahem... a little cleaner :) I also managed to get Max's closet cleaned out and his clothes organized. I washed all of his new fall stuff, packed away spring/winter stuff (yeah, a few months late), and picked out a few things to share with cousin Rider.
Wednesday Clark finished some touch up on the paint and I got down and dirty in the kitchen. Truthfully I did no cleaning at all, but lots of rearranging and organizing. You see, a few weeks ago we ordered a hutch for our kitchen with the hopes of moving some dishes over and gaining some much needed space for food. Well we received said hutch last week and got it all in place and decorated over the weekend. It was such a mess rearranging contents of cabinets but I am SO happy with the results. I moved some tupperware, baby dishes and plastic cups into a lower cabinet for Max to be able to play with. We now have some very organized pantry space and one pretty new addition to our kitchen. Here are some pics:

Today we didn't do quite as much, Clark slept in since he has to work tonight, I hung out with Max and fed him a huge breakfast, played, and then Max begged for a was forced to take a nap. We went and ate Thai food for lunch, bought a toilet at Lowe's, easily put Max down fought for another nap, hung a light fixture, made zuchini apple bread, made dinner, hung things on the kitchen wall, played some more, then put Max to bed without a hitch and listened to him cry for 25 minutes. Did I mention today was not an easy sleep day?! The good thing is once he fell asleep his naps were good. In fact I woke him up from his 2nd one because it was dinner time, and probably I woke him too late which made bedtime more difficult. Oh well, he can't be perfect all the time...? ha.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the week:

"Don't mess with Texas" I love this shirt!! We bought it about 2 weeks before Max was born, we took a trip to San Antonio. Who knew he would be here so soon after that trip?! Anyway, he loves to sleep in it and I love his bare legs!

Toys all around him, basically baby heaven.

Clark hates this picture, they are women's sunglasses. I think it's hilarious.

Fun times with daddy

Last but NOT least, a video of little walking Max. It is very hard to catch a 14 month old walking, so please ignore the poor lighting and the fact he is standing still the first half. He does take some very sturdy steps!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

one step, two steps, three steps, fall

The days of crawling are still here. I think sometimes Max is practicing for Baby Olympics, specifically the 'crawl sprint'. However, walking is in full force around these parts. He lets go of an object and, instead of sitting down, takes 3-4 steps at least. He still isn't standing up on his own, he uses a prop, but he is getting sturdier and sturdier. He sometimes even uses small toys to help him stand up... I think he just needs to realize he can do it on his own. Enjoy the pics!

Hey mom!!!

Aren't I cute?

I'm going to let go!

I did it!!! Here I come...

Yay for me! (making car noises...aka raspberries... is a type of celebration!)

Time to go enjoy a relaxing night of TV and slumber!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It was like lightning... all the hours I spent editing different banners and just thinking it was a glitch in the system. Nope, the dang picture had to be saved as a jpeg file. Duh. Oh well, now you will be able to enjoy all my wonderful creativity!!! Pretty cute I think!!

So, first of all... yes, I do have some VERY exciting updates to give you. However, all I can think about today is some VERY sad things. I know this economy flat out sucks, but to be totally honest no one in my immediate group of family/friends has been too affected. Both of our parents, our siblings and our friends all seem to have recession proof jobs. By the grace of God Clark and I have about the safest (yet most dangerous:)) jobs possible. Thankfully, and I guess not so thankfully, people will always need safe streets and emergency health care. We have been fortunate enough to be only minimally affected by this recession. So, just today we found out someone close to us (will remain anonymous) is struggling a LOT. He is a single father trying desperately to save his house. Tonight we talked with a guy working on our house (more on that later) that a couple years ago ran an extremely succesful, million dollar business, making over 200k a year. Now, he works 80+ work weeks on odd jobs, again, to just save his house. To top it off, his wife left him 3 weeks ago. Did I mention he has 3 young daughters? What a struggle. There isn't really any quick fix for these people but it does make me pray even harder for an economy turn around. Or maybe lighting could strike and all there problems could go away (it worked for my banner trouble:)).

More sad, yet not economy related, news. A very good friend of mine from nursing school, Tiffany, lost her grandmother this morning. It was a peaceful passing and they all know she is in a better place, but I know her family could use some thoughts and prayers. A girl named Katie, whom I've NEVER met... only read about... had her baby a couple days ago. While pregnant she had a very life threatening battle with a brain infection and was in the ICU for days. Luckily she fully recovered and with no suspected complications to the baby. Well, her baby was born not breathing and possibly with no brain activity. I cannot even imaging what they are going through.

Ok, let's lighten it up...

MAX IS WALKING!!!!!! Well, it's not really as exciting as it seems all typed out in caps lock and bold and stuff. It's exciting, yes, but it's only a start. He will take consistent steps, maybe 5-6 from person to person or table to chair, etc. He does not make any attempt if the destination is more than he is in the mood for. Trust me, his mood does matter. For the most part he is an extremely happy kid, but he wants his way when he wants it. And oh, does he tell you about it. Tonight we went to Grandad-E and Grandma Dee's house for dinner. Max was in his high chair eating when Dee got home. He fussed until she talked to him and then he finished dinner. Immediately after he was through eating I took him to the bath tub. He was fine at first but as soon as Dee walked in he started flat out crying. I thought it was because I wouldn't let him stand up (he tends to fall and get black eyes when he stands in the bath tub, so I try and stop him) but I soon realized he was just throwing a fit. A fit. Because he hadn't yet been held by his Dee. Quickly I washed him off and gave him to Dee. He snuggled right in and was done with his fit. You know, right after he got his way. Spoiled? Make up your own mind.

So... at 14 months Max is...

Walking 5-6 steps at a time.

Saying "mama" "dada" "uh-oh" and "mmmmmaaa" (I think his attempt at his name) he also babbles a ton and sometimes sounds like "nana" or "baba" but I can't tell.

He is a waving fool. We took him shopping today and he smiled and waved at anything resembling a person. He does the whole arm flap version of the wave, I love it. I especially love any attempt at an impression of his wave from adults. Let me tell you- when a grown person flaps there arm up and down- it's weird. Keep this in mind when you are waving back at a one year old. On second thought, don't, it's keeping me entertained :)

He is still eating 3 meals a day with 3 sippy cups of whole milk. He is getting better at holding his own cup (ahem... his aunts will be glad to hear this:)) and does it about 95% of the time. He is still quite the eater and expands his menu daily. Blueberries, peas, peaches, muffins, pb&j, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, yogurt, green beans, cheerios, french fries, ice cream, teddy grahams. Not a fan of mexican, italian, or french toast. He'll be reformed soon enough, after all, he won't have a choice.

On haircut #2, which went far better than #1. He got the back and sides cut with clippers and it is shorter, which means less fuzzy, and so so so adorable. He got to watch a Baby Einstein and eat a sucker while he got his grooming. A really good plan because he sat perfectly still. He looks so grown up though:(

Napping and sleeping is unchanged, and for the record, amazing! He stays up until 7:30 or 8 and sleeps till 6:30 or 7. Sometimes 7-7 and sometimes 8-6. Morning naps and afternoon naps usually average 3 hours combined. I'm not going into any more detail to say what typically happens or how they normally work because I am superstitious. At least about sleeping schedules.

He still loves to play with cars, but has started expanding to other toys. He likes putting toys together and inside each other.

He can drink from a straw. Kind of a fluke, but he was playing with one of Clark's cups and was biting at the straw. Then all the sudden he got a taste of the yummy coke zero that was available. Now he is a straw drinking maniac, even has a straw sippy. What a big boy!!

And a few more of my fun "color splash" photos.

Hope the lightning bolt strikes you in a good way!! Good night!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

fun with color

So, I am not a very creative person. I have a very big desire to be and sometimes I surprise myself. For example I like to blog and have been trying to revamp my blog for a while. I have thought about changing the title and even had a few good ideas. My problem is the stupid "banner." I am not exaggerating when I say I have likley spent 4+ hours working on it and everytime it looks ridiculous. Whenever the time comes that I figure out the glitch it will be a more generic name (so our family can grow... and no, I'm NOT pregnant). Ok, back on track... my creativity... Today I purchased on app on my iPod called "color splash." It lets you add those touches of color to a black and white picture. Anyone with an iPod touch or an iPhone should get this app. It is awesome. So easy to use and deceivingly makes me look talented and creative. Check it out:

Probably my favorite, I already really like the picture and the color splashes make it so fun.

Such a cute picture of Brice. At first I just had the shorts in color and then I realized he was eating a cheeto! The orange looks awesome!

I think this could be used as an advertisement for Discovery Toys... These cups have been in the top 10 toys for Max since the first day we opened them.

And a cute beach pic.

Max and I went to the pool with our friends Paige, Cooper and Carter today. The boys have so much fun in the water (well at least Paige's boys do!). Max enjoyed the picnic lunch of pb&j (one of his newest faves) and sitting with me on the chair while we sun-dried. Did I mention I forgot towels? I pride myself on being such a prepared mother.

Too much fun for one day.

PS: Dear Max, please sleep later than 5:30 tomorrow. While I did enjoy your 3 hour nap I would much prefer a later wake up call.