Thursday, August 27, 2009

busy busy

Well with the exception of me fighting off the cold/flu symptoms at the beginning of the week we have been one busy and productive family!

Tuesday Clark and I painted our almost completely rennovated basement... I will show pics when it is more complete and... ahem... a little cleaner :) I also managed to get Max's closet cleaned out and his clothes organized. I washed all of his new fall stuff, packed away spring/winter stuff (yeah, a few months late), and picked out a few things to share with cousin Rider.
Wednesday Clark finished some touch up on the paint and I got down and dirty in the kitchen. Truthfully I did no cleaning at all, but lots of rearranging and organizing. You see, a few weeks ago we ordered a hutch for our kitchen with the hopes of moving some dishes over and gaining some much needed space for food. Well we received said hutch last week and got it all in place and decorated over the weekend. It was such a mess rearranging contents of cabinets but I am SO happy with the results. I moved some tupperware, baby dishes and plastic cups into a lower cabinet for Max to be able to play with. We now have some very organized pantry space and one pretty new addition to our kitchen. Here are some pics:

Today we didn't do quite as much, Clark slept in since he has to work tonight, I hung out with Max and fed him a huge breakfast, played, and then Max begged for a was forced to take a nap. We went and ate Thai food for lunch, bought a toilet at Lowe's, easily put Max down fought for another nap, hung a light fixture, made zuchini apple bread, made dinner, hung things on the kitchen wall, played some more, then put Max to bed without a hitch and listened to him cry for 25 minutes. Did I mention today was not an easy sleep day?! The good thing is once he fell asleep his naps were good. In fact I woke him up from his 2nd one because it was dinner time, and probably I woke him too late which made bedtime more difficult. Oh well, he can't be perfect all the time...? ha.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the week:

"Don't mess with Texas" I love this shirt!! We bought it about 2 weeks before Max was born, we took a trip to San Antonio. Who knew he would be here so soon after that trip?! Anyway, he loves to sleep in it and I love his bare legs!

Toys all around him, basically baby heaven.

Clark hates this picture, they are women's sunglasses. I think it's hilarious.

Fun times with daddy

Last but NOT least, a video of little walking Max. It is very hard to catch a 14 month old walking, so please ignore the poor lighting and the fact he is standing still the first half. He does take some very sturdy steps!


Kuhl Family said...

Yay Max!! Rider can't wait for his "new" clothes. See you guys soon!!

Technojay said...

Awwww. That was too cute!! I love to see them waddle with the big diaper on. He will be so happy when can just take off! Notice I said HE would be happy, not necessarily you!

Alison Sherman said...

Hey there, I'm so glad that we saw you guys yesterday! Max looked great walking!