Thursday, August 6, 2009

fun with color

So, I am not a very creative person. I have a very big desire to be and sometimes I surprise myself. For example I like to blog and have been trying to revamp my blog for a while. I have thought about changing the title and even had a few good ideas. My problem is the stupid "banner." I am not exaggerating when I say I have likley spent 4+ hours working on it and everytime it looks ridiculous. Whenever the time comes that I figure out the glitch it will be a more generic name (so our family can grow... and no, I'm NOT pregnant). Ok, back on track... my creativity... Today I purchased on app on my iPod called "color splash." It lets you add those touches of color to a black and white picture. Anyone with an iPod touch or an iPhone should get this app. It is awesome. So easy to use and deceivingly makes me look talented and creative. Check it out:

Probably my favorite, I already really like the picture and the color splashes make it so fun.

Such a cute picture of Brice. At first I just had the shorts in color and then I realized he was eating a cheeto! The orange looks awesome!

I think this could be used as an advertisement for Discovery Toys... These cups have been in the top 10 toys for Max since the first day we opened them.

And a cute beach pic.

Max and I went to the pool with our friends Paige, Cooper and Carter today. The boys have so much fun in the water (well at least Paige's boys do!). Max enjoyed the picnic lunch of pb&j (one of his newest faves) and sitting with me on the chair while we sun-dried. Did I mention I forgot towels? I pride myself on being such a prepared mother.

Too much fun for one day.

PS: Dear Max, please sleep later than 5:30 tomorrow. While I did enjoy your 3 hour nap I would much prefer a later wake up call.

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