Sunday, August 16, 2009

one step, two steps, three steps, fall

The days of crawling are still here. I think sometimes Max is practicing for Baby Olympics, specifically the 'crawl sprint'. However, walking is in full force around these parts. He lets go of an object and, instead of sitting down, takes 3-4 steps at least. He still isn't standing up on his own, he uses a prop, but he is getting sturdier and sturdier. He sometimes even uses small toys to help him stand up... I think he just needs to realize he can do it on his own. Enjoy the pics!

Hey mom!!!

Aren't I cute?

I'm going to let go!

I did it!!! Here I come...

Yay for me! (making car noises...aka raspberries... is a type of celebration!)

Time to go enjoy a relaxing night of TV and slumber!

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