Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doctor's appointment

Well today we went to see the pediatrician for Max's "6 month check up and shots." He is actually a little over 7 months but the NICU forgot to give him all of his shots at 2 months and he got them at 3 instead, therefore we are a month behind. No biggie. Anyway, he weighed in at 15lbs 14oz! Holy Cow, he is not struggling with weight gain at all! He went from the 4th percentile to the 10th! He is still in the 4th or 5th for height, but maintaing his own curve. His head, well... it's big! I don't remember exactly where it fell, but I think it jumped from about the 10th to about the 50th! Dr. R wants to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't keep getting bigger too fast so at our next RSV shot we'll have them measure. I think it just means his brain is getting big, after all he has learned a lot of new things over the past 2 months! She also was a little concerned that he may have a hernia. It is VERY common in preemies and it is really not a big deal. His left testicle has fluid in it and sometimes it's just that, but sometimes it means hernia. We will go see a urologist at children's to follow up. Yet another appt at Children's! (By the way, sorry Max for talking about your testicles on the internet!) She was pretty pleased with his development. He is grabbing at things very well, this is a 4-5 month skill and since he is 4 months corrected that's right on target. She also said that at 6 months she expects occasional rolling and sitting with support, so he is ahead on that one. It's hard to keep track, but pretty much the rule of thumb is that developmentally we go by "corrected age" (he was 3 months early so we subtract 3 months from his "actual age") and for things like, "motrin at 6 months" or "baby foods at 6 months" we go by actual age. While feeding him baby food incorporates a developmental milestone that we don't expect till 6 months "corrected" it doesn't hurt to try and he thinks it's kind of fun as long as it is something he likes! Dr. R encouraged us to keep trying the baby food but not get frustrated yet because he is still getting everything he needs from the breast milk/formula. Sorry for the lesson, but these are things I did not know before becoming a mom much less a preemie mom!
Lastly at our visit he got his shots... Let me tell you that the first round I had to witness was bad, really bad. The RSV ones are awful, but it is just one shot. Today he got 4! It was the worst!! He cries real tears:( He won't settle down:( And he has been miserable all night:( I fed him an all formula bottle around 4 (practice for our trip) and he did pretty good until just when we sat down to eat at 5:30. We put him in his excersaucer and within minutes he had puked everywhere. He basically made a trench of puke around him because it pooled in the toy part of the excersaucer. Yuck. He was pretty fussy for about an hour and I finally gave in to the "bedtime routine." He got a bath, ate 7 ounces of milk (no nasty formula) and got all his medicine. We added a little motrin to his cocktail and he fell asleep on me so peacefully. As you should remember I love this part of the day! I am just hoping he sleeps well tonight.
No other news I can think of. Tomorrow will be a busy day since we, I mean I, will have to get laundry done and most of the packing done for our trip. I hate this part but I am excited to see Becki and Darren and of course Cousin B, who by the way apparently loves the laughing baby video! Too cute!

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