Monday, January 12, 2009

Long Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend but I already struggle to balance sleep and family time! Well, first of all, my last post "sweet boy" totally jinxed myself. That night Clark and I were up every 2 hours... he didn't even do that when he first came home from the hospital. Friday he was fussy, had a fever and a runny nose. I went ahead and started giving him his antibiotics again and by Saturday he was feeling better. Maybe the ears weren't completely healed, who knows. This video is from Saturday, it is hilarious!!! Clark is fake burping (you can hear it in the background) and like a typical boy, Max is lauging!

Max spent another bonding weekend with his daddy. And guess what? When I got up today the house was pretty clean- again, and the dishes were done- again! Thanks Clark!
Max had an ENT appointment today and Grandma Dee went with us. We already knew based on the last hearing test that there was still fluid in at least one ear, however, he still sees fluid in both. Due to the fact that it is causing even mild hearing loss and the recent infection...yes! I knew that would help... he is going to get tubes placed! I know I shouldn't be this excited about it because it is surgery, but I am glad to get over this hurdle. Well, as usual I am very tired after a long weekend at work (2 days a week is so rough!). Max is asleep and I am waisting precious sleep time. Who knows, I may be up every 2 hours tonight!
Hope you all enjoy the video, I still laugh every time I see it!


Anonymous said...

Granpa Jim, loves the laugh. He so cute.

Aunt Becki said...

That video is it! Hopefully we can get both boys laughing this weekend!

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is great. Makes me laugh and relize how thankful I am he is so healthy
Grandma Cathy

Cousin Brice said...

"Dah, deh, deh"...Translation..."I love Cousin Max, and I love watching his video."

KeileyAB said...

My heart has melted...what a sweetheart!!!! We need to get together so I can get my hands on the not so little guy!!!!