Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Pictures

As promised some new pictures, and I happen to think they are adorable!!!

Max laying in our bed :)

Photo shoot, he is being stingy with his smiles for the camera... I swear he'll be cracking up but by the time the picture is taken he looks like a deer in headlights! I think he's had one too many photos taken and is starting to protest!

Tiffany came over to play today!

Bath Time, once again not sharing any smiles with you all.

Max had a lazy day at home, he spent the afternoon with Tiffany- a friend of mine from nursing school. She was nice enough to come over and watch him for me while I went to an interview. I will tell you all more about that if and when I get the job, no need to waste time if I don't get it! He continues to make lots of messy diapers, these antibiotics are not fun. He had sweet potatoes and bananas for dinner and did very well, in the past he hasn't eaten sweet potatoes too well. Never know, I guess. He is in bed now, making sweet little noises. Enjoy the pictures!

By the way... feel free to leave comments, I like to know what you think about the pictures and if you want to hear about anything else just let me know!

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Aunt Becki said...

He looks just like Clark in that striped polo shirt! Love it!