Friday, January 23, 2009

Max gets his 5th sense :)

Ok so he could hear before, but not 100%. And now... he can!!! Max did so great during his surgery. The procedure took less than 20 minutes, no joke, we barely had time to get drinks and something to eat before they called out "Max's mom."
He woke up at 5am the day of surgery and over the 5 o'clock hour (he couldn't eat past 6) he ate 10oz of pedialyte. I tried to stretch it so he wouldn't get hungry too soon and he did great! We got to the hospital and waited in the waiting room for a little, and in pre-op for a while, but once he realized he wasn't getting food he just passed out. It was so cute, he was laying on the table and looking at his glow worm, I rubbed his head for about 10 seconds and he was out! Then it was finally his turn, and while it was pretty hard to hand him over to the nurse I think I did well. I must admit 3 months in the NICU taught me lots of love and a strong trust in medical professionals. After his surgery we waited almost all day in an observation unit for a room in the hospital.
*On a side note... Max also decided to share his tummy ailment with Clark and he got hit with it on Wed night and it extended into Thurs morning. He was not in any shape for going to the hospital with Max and I, and quite honestly I can only take care of one baby at a time. So, of course, Grandma Dee to the rescue! She was there to help, probably a good thing, she is not a patient waiter and this way she knew what was going on at every second! Plus she is an awesome grandma and is soooo helpful. Thanks mom... I mean Grandma!

Here are some pics of the day.

Waiting room

Pre-op: How cute is this gown? Seriously!

Loving on Max

Asleep on the exam table and paper... only a baby could fall asleep here.

After surgery.

This t-shirt is hilarious, it won't fit him till his 3rd birthday though!

Getting wheeled to his room...

Passed out on a pretty lady!

Bath time... he splashed water EVERYWHERE!!!

So, all in all, everything went very well. I do have to complain a little about the room we stayed in. Tiny. Loud. Bright. Recliner bed. As if that is not bad enough, the night shift nurses were awful. I felt like we were such a hassle and to top it off they decided Max needed to be in isolation for VRE (some bowel bacteria that I promise we would know if he had...if you catch my drift...). They said it was because he "came from another hospital," wait a second... you mean the NICU at Overland Park? 4 months ago? Really? How ridiculous, if this is the case then EVERY baby should be on isolation because no baby is born at children's, thus they all "came from another hospital." Oh well, we decided this just kept their rude germs off him! I slept terribly, maybe got 4 hours of sleep. But our amazing day nurse was back and discharged us home at 7:45... thanks Christa! By the way Christa carried him around a little WITHOUT a gown on. Ok, enough complaining. I promise though, we will not be put on that unit again without a strong fight! I had to go to work today at 10, and while I was rushed this morning on little sleep the day was actually really great. I worked with some great people and Max got to spend the day with daddy. When I got off at 10 I was able to come home to an empty house (Max is with Grandma and Grandad... again!... I promise they don't mind... I hope!). I am catching up on the blog, my tivo shows, and my wine! Great end to a kinda busy and stressful week. Back to work this weekend :(
Oh one more thing... update on the job interview a couple weeks ago. I officially have a 2nd job. I will be working in the ER at Children's Mercy PRN (as needed or when I want to work). I am looking forward to this opportunity and I feel now, being a mom, that I need to take care of babies again!

Back to my shows and wine... Good night!!


Aunt Becki said...

Cute pics! Brice misses his cousin!

Grandma Dee said...

Where's the blog update???