Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello Tenessee

First off, Max is finally doing so much better after his recent ear problems and colds. Yesterday he finally started acting like his old self, playful and happy all day! He took 2 good naps in his bed and was very good at the gym daycare while mommy got to get a little workout in! I thought last night might be rough when he got up at 11 (I hadn't even gone to bed). I got him back to sleep and went there myself, just in case we were up all night... Well, I had to get up before him to get ready and finish packing!! Yeah Max! He did very well on the plane, we got him to take a little bit of bottle during take off and then he slept up until landing, at which point he flirted with everyone around. He really surprised me, considering the ENT said he may be in a lot of pain due to the fluid in his ears. Yeah Max! So we are in Tenessee now, hanging out with cousin Brice and Aunt Becki. There new house is beautiful and we are looking forward to some fun times here. Max is currently asleep in his car seat so I am going to enjoy my time and relax!!

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