Monday, January 5, 2009

Love my Daddy...

Max had a great weekend with his daddy! Clark is not so used to sleeping at night and I think he is a little sleep deprived, but I must say that I am impressed and very pleased! I was only able to sleep about 3 hours today after work, but when I got up I had a baby with a full tummy, a house that was all picked up, laundry done and... nothing for me to do!! I hope he knows that now he proved he CAN take care of the house AND the baby and that from now on I will expect nothing less...!!! On Sunday Grandma Cathy and Cousin Maddie came over to play while I slept. Maddie is 7 and getting very sassy! She is so cute with Max and gets very proud when she makes him smile. Thanks to both of you for coming over to play and letting Clark get a little nap!

Max did not go to his PT appointment today, he is on antibiotics for his ears and that causes him to make lots of messy diapers. Just my luck he would have exploded all over the play mat. Gross. He was kind of cranky anyway and napped from 1 to 2:45, right when he was supposed to be there... and I got to stay in my pj's and nap with him!

Max and I got to spend some time with Grandma Dee and Grandad this evening, I think they missed him :)

Now, I forgot to mention this on Friday, a little baby etiquette for all of you: When you are in public and oohing and ahhing over a cute baby, verbal compliments are great. If the mom of the baby is working to get the baby to calm down or go to sleep and the baby is crying or fussing- just walk away. Please do NOT offer to take the baby to calm him/her down as if the MOTHER of the baby is not doing a good enough job. Yep, this happened to me. At dinner on Friday night we had a few people stop by and ask about Max or tell us how cute he is. But as we were waiting for our check an older couple walked by and the woman stopped and was oogling over him. Now, he wanted to eat his bottle really bad, and I wanted to get out of the restaraunt really bad. I was going to win, and we were trying to hurry and leave. Max was fussing and squirming and I was wanting to stand up to calm him down but the old woman was standing at the end of the booth and I coulnd't get out. I was being patient, letting him fuss while she got her baby fix. So she then decides that maybe she needs to take my poor, mistreated angel and calm him down for me. Yep, she says, "may I?," in a voice that said "you must be new at this 'mom' thing, let me show you how it is done" NO!!!! I politely said, "no thanks" and she realized I was totally put off and quickly walked away as her husband made some excuse about it. But seriously, NO!!! Maybe I am making too big of a deal over this, but with all we have been through with him I cannot imagine asking a complete stranger to hold their baby. Not to mention that she thought she could do a better job soothing him than his mother. I don't get it. Morale of the story: "oh what a cutie" is just fine to make the statement that you think a baby is cute!
Clark got me ice cream after dinner and I soon forgot about the old woman.

Good night! I promise I'll post new pics tomorrow.

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Aunt Becki said...

Thanks for the update! Love the story about the old lady! :) Also, moms don't like to hear opinions on how to parent, either...especially when it comes to vaccines! I have had 2 people in 1 week give me their opinion on it. Unbelievable - like I'm going to do something that I think would harm my baby...whatever!