Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Please make it stop!!!

Well I know I have been mentioning how many poopy diapers we have had lately, and today I had enough! I was having lunch with my friend Aimee and we were sitting and talking when all the sudden I thought, hmmm.. his pants feel warm. So I proceed to reach my hand up his pant leg to see about this moisture and what do you know! Poop. Gross. I had to bathe him with baby wipes and change his clothes, and socks, in the bathroom at a restaraunt. I thought I was so prepared too, you see usually the poop comes up his back so I had a cloth diaper folded up inside his onesie so it would protect his clothes. All day the diaper stayed clean. Go figure. After all this we had to go to the doctor's office for Max's synagis shot (RSV vaccine) and I begged with the nurse to find a "binder" if you will for this brown water. I have tried bananas, cereal, extra formula, nothing is working. After checking with a doctor she said he is too young for the over the counter anti-diarrhea stuff and if I wanted the doctor could come in, look in his ears, and see if he still needed the antibiotic. The doctor said it just looked like fluid (well yeah, he has that) and that we could stop the medicine... YEAH!!! I am so hoping that we get tubes placed soon so that if we have another ear infection we can use drops. Then Max and I went to the gym. Clark and I have had this membership a while now but I am just now starting to feel comfortable leaving him in the daycare. He did great though. I worked out with a friend for about 45 min and picked him up. Chandra, my workout buddy, also brought her kids. They were so curious about him, wanting to know why he couldn't talk to them or go down the slide with them. Then they proceeded to tell him how much they loved him. Too cute. Max ate really well all day, I started to mix his bottles 1/2 formula, 1/2 breast milk to stretch the frozen milk as long as we can. He didn't seem to mind at all. He had sweet potatoes and applesauce for dinner and for breakfast had peaches for the first time. I think they were a hit because he ate every bite!

Finally decided to share a smile :)

Watching a little TV while playing in the exersaucer.

Good Night!


Anonymous said...

Arent' you a nurse & prepared to handle poops! Especially from such a sweet baby boy! Grandma Dee

Aunt Becki said...

Your house looks so clean! Nice work momma!

Cathy said...

Love the photo shoot.

Anonymous said...

Quite a cutie, isn't he.