Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

As I put Max to bed tonight I told him... "see you next year!" Yeah, I'm a dork. Max is still fighting off whatever little bug he had, now he just has a runny nose which makes him cough and sneeze. He doesn't act sick at all though, whew! Max has been waking up at least once a night to snuggle with me (and to get his nose sucked out). Last night he slept until 4:38 and then I woke up to him coughing and trying to breathe through all of his snot. After I made him scream with the bulb syringe he went right back to sleep until 7, took a bottle and slept (in his bed) until 10. Mornings like that make me love him more!! lol. When I went in his room at 4:38 this is what he looked like:

Mind you, he is always wearing pajamas... he has kicked his legs out of them. He is always wrapped in swaddle blanket... he has also kicked out of it and snuck both arms out. THEN, he is always covered tightly with another blanket... what does he do when I'm asleep?!! He looks angry probably because of the flash early in the morning, but you know what? He woke me up too.
Today when Clark got up we all went out shopping. Max got new diapers, size 2-3!, and some new clothes. He is quickly growing out of his 0-3 month clothes. So exciting to pack them away and compare the new ones to the old ones, like the preemie ones!! Clark and I look at pictures now and then of the NICU days and cannot believe our eyes. I know he was small but oh my goodness, he has quadrupled! His feet and hands are pudgy, his belly is enormous and he now has butt cheeks. Yes, that's right, when he was born he was lacking what most of us are not... a butt! We walked in his room one night when he was only a few days old and he was lying under the bili light with his little bum exposed. Except it didn't look like a bum at all, just a rounded area with a hole... haha. He is too cute these days, fussy and cranky sometimes, but CUTE! Clark and I are definitely in love. Clark is at work for a couple hours, hopefully he will make it home by midnight so we can ring in 2009 together. I'm not waiting up though!! He can wake me up if he makes it home. Max is asleep, which means it is my bedtime too, party night or not!
Quick update... GG is doing a little better, they are going to have her live in an assisted care facility for a while until she can take care of herself independently.
Kayleigh is also doing better, which is a welcome relief for her parents. Thanks for all the prayers, and for keeping up with Max!

Good night!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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