Monday, December 29, 2008

Poor baby!

Well, I had the best "sick day" ever on Saturday. I had to stay home from work and snuggle with my baby all day! He did break my heart though, Max got up early and was not feeling well, throughout the day he had a fever and was just puny. He is learning so much from his daddy already! This picture is an idea of how active he was...!

He started to feel better and on Sunday I went to work while Max got to play with Grandma Cathy... he had so much fun! He still has a little runny nose but he is feeling so much better today. He got to eat bananas for the first time and he likes them very much. Aunt Becki would be proud! We also had a PT appointment today and he wasn't too playful due to his recent illness :) but Michelle (his PT) was impressed with his head control and interest in toys. He gave her some pretty cute giggles too, so maybe he is buying his compliments. He would learn that from his mommy. Grandma Dee and Grandad are out of town this week on a much deserved vacation... however, we miss them alot! Hope you are having fun guys! We got all of our Christmas decorations down tonight and I feel so much less cramped without the big tree in the living room! A couple of prayer requests for the night... Baby Kayleigh (a blog I read... see link) is fighting so hard to get better and she has hit yet another bump in the road. Please pray that she will recover from this new hurdle. Also we found out today that Max's GG (Clark's grandma Polly) is not doing so great. She has been in the hospital since Saturday and today the doctor's said that her heart is not strong and her kidneys are failing. This with her lung issues could be very bad. Please pray for GG and all the family.
Well, I better get to bed in case Max decides to wake up in the middle of the night again!

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