Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Social baby...

Max really loves people. I came to this conclusion long ago when he learned to smile. He would smile at anyone who even glanced his way... you could also call this flirting. The one thing that consistently takes away his smile? The camera. Clark and I tried so so hard to take some really cute pictures tonight, and while we did get some we didn't capture the happy adorable Max. Anyone who has met him knows the smile I'm talking about, cheesy and heartwarming all at the same time! Too bad I have no proof.

...nope, he hasn't been drinking.

Charlie... Max's new favorite entertainment.

Tracheomalacia, this is what the pediatric ENT says is the cause of Max's chronic wheeze. I don't know what I've said about it in the past but Max occasionally has an expiratory wheeze, like when he gets out of the bath, playing on his tummy, after he eats, etc. His ENT that placed his tubes wanted us to get it check out, so off we went today. Now, I added a link to the website I thought was the best... some of the others were good descriptions of more serious cases... Max's is NOT. In fact, the treatment is growth. He obviously has no developmental or growth delays so it is not an issue. So, feel free to click and read, but please don't google it, some of the other info is far more severe and kind of scary. Now, to get this diagnosis poor little Max had to be tortured! Ok, ok it wasn't that bad, but he was so sad. The doctor used some nose spray that was lidocaine and afrin... then put a tiny tube with a camera down his nose and into his throat to look closely at his airway. She saw nothing wrong with his upper airway (larynx), so by exception we got to tracheomalacia (the lower airway). Max also had a PT appointment today. It was nice to see Michelle, since we are only going once a month it had been a while... we missed her!! He got fussy pretty quick, a combination of hungry and tired can be miserable. By the way, we spent close to 4 hours at children's mercy today, and daddy couldn't go... it was a long afternoon!! He surprisingly didn't fall asleep on the way home though, so when we did get home he went down for a nap. He fell asleep all on his own and for about 30 minutes. Can't complain. He stayed awake a little later and even played a little after his bottle... normally his bottle makes him milk drunk and he can't stay awake for anything!! I swaddled him tonight, I give up on weaning him out of it... he just needs to sleep and if it helps then I'm using it. We'll see how it goes. And now for some more pics...

Bathtime is always so fun, tonight he was especially enjoying the water being poured over his head. He was leaning back for more!

Playing after his bottle... (he was being very goofy)

Tonight for dinner I made "tex mex fried rice," I stole the recipe from Rachel Ray. Clark did not enjoy it, so we had a lot left over. Anytime I make too much for dinner we call Grandma Dee and Grandad. They came and got it and I hope enjoyed it. I happen to think it was pretty tasty. Instead of the steak she used I cooked a roast in some tomatoes in my crockpot, cut it up small and stirred it in the rice. I also made the black beans and put the rice over the beans (omitting any raw tomatoes or onions of course!), topped it off with cilantro, lime juice and sour cream. Yum. Then we had ice cream for desssert (yes I know there are 3 s's in my spelling of dessert... remember learning how to spell dessert and desert? "dessert has 2 s's because you always want seconds" I always want 3rds!!! haha!) Oh and I have a new morning love... caramel drizzle coffee with french vanilla creamer. It's folgers, too, nothing fancy. You gotta try it.

Well, I just had to go rock Max back to sleep, up once already. I better get to bed!



Grandma Dee said...

Dinner was yummy! We'll always take your food. . . heaven knows I never have anything planned! Max must be missing Grandma Dee! So we're looking forward to our weekend!

Michelle said...

Hunter is the exact same way with the camera! So hard to get him to smile when the thing comes out! Also, Hunter's new best friend is Lily our dog. He's so interested in her sometimes we have to put her in another room just to get him to eat! P.S. Call me when you get a chance, I have some ideas for the March of Dimes!