Tuesday, March 24, 2009

car trouble : (

Today started off early but good. Max was really happy this morning, took a couple good naps, we went to the gym, had the house cleaned, ate taco bell (yep after working out I am free to eat anything!). Then... the car wouldn't start. Our whole little family was loaded in the car, diaper bag and all ready to go the grocery store. We tried jump starting it, and then the keys got stuck in the ignition. Really??? After multiple attempts to get it started we successfully got the keys out and took the other car to the store. After dinner and a couple hours of charging the battery Clark tried again with no luck. He just went to advance auto parts and had the battery checked, it is definitely the problem, what a relief. He is on his way home to try out the new one, please work! Max was pretty good the rest of the day, he took an early afternoon nap and it was short so tonight he went to bed about 6:30, pretty early for him. He had his photo session of the day in his high chair after dinner with applesauce all over his face!

His ears are still draining quite a bit so we will go see the ENT tomorrow and, yuck, have the wax sucked out again. Last time this was the cure so I am hopeful we have an end in sight to this round of illness.

YEAH!!! The car started, what a relief!


Aunt Becki said...

I like the pic of him playing with his foot in his high chair. Cute! I'm glad you got the car started - was it the Altima? Talk to you Wed I'm sure.

Uncle George said...

Max is looking amazing. He needs to get together with his cousins. Glad everything is going well.