Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beautiful weather

Today we had the most beautiful weather. I think the high ended up being 81 degrees!!! We wore short sleeves, took walks, rode with the window down, played outside... it was great! Max loves to be outside but officially hates to be hot. He was miserably fussy from about 1:00 on. It may have been the shot, the short nap, the new car seat, who knows, whatever it was made him MAD! He decided to get up at 6:30 this morning, I didn't feed him until 7:30 and then he went down for a nap around 8:40. Here I am thinking it was going to be a great nap... nope. He felt like 45 min into his nap would be a good time to poop. Yep, poop woke him up. Then we were on the go until his doctor's appointment at 12. He really only took cat naps in the car the rest of the day. Needless to say he is passed out right now!

Max playing in the floor this morning, before the fussiness started...

What a big boy sitting all by himself!

Here he is falling over, if you look close you can literally see motion lines of him falling!

Clearly the fussiness has started...

Max on the scale.

As I said earlier Max had a peditrician appointment today. Overall it went well. He weighed in at 17lbs, down from the 10th percentile to the 7th, still pretty good! Only a little over a pound since the last visit but if you remember the week after we last went to the doctor he got sick, had his ear tubes placed, and since has been non-stop active. This would explain that. His height stayed on the same curve, somewhere around the 3rd percentile, ha! What a shrimp. His head is around the same.. the 90th percentile. Geez, kid! I know I am his mom and I'm biased but I don't think his head looks all that big! Looking at the chart, the 10th percentile and the 90th are separated by less than 2". He still has a pretty big soft spot on his head so next week he is going to have an ultrasound done of his brain through that. The ped and I agree that he does not show any signs of problems so sedating him for a CT in not necessary, we'll just take advantage of the huge hole he still has in his skull!! I'm sure he won't hold still for this but maybe if he's sleepy he'll do okay. Moving on... his ears looked great, she said there was very little drainage at all on the right, I haven't seen any. Hopefully this means the infection is clearing up, whew! She seems to think his motor skills are just above that of a 6 month old, which is better than we should expect so I am pleased.
Max got his last synagis shot today. I'm sure he is so happy to hear this, as am I. Today was the worst he has done with a shot to date. He got so mad, not upset, mad. He held his breath, screamed, coughed, gagged... and threw up. Everywhere. Poor little dude needs to completely kick this cold so his gag reflex can calm down!

Mommy and Max waiting for the doctor

This afternoon Clark and I took Max for a walk, this is a great way for us to keep him busy for 30 minutes. He likes it and it's good for us. After our walk Max and his daddy went and jumped on the trampoline! Isn't this just precious!

Tonight for dinner I made a barbecue chicken pizza... not a really exciting recipe but it's my version. I marinated the chicken in broth and bbq sauce, cooked it for 45 min at 350 in some of the marinade then shredded it. I made a homemade pizza crust, ok a little ambitious, it turned out great! A store bought one would be just a good! So, pizza crust, a little more bbq sauce, chicken and cheese. Baked at 475 for 12 min. Easy and good.

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Going to watch the office now...


Aunt Becki said...

Pizza sounds yummy! Love the pictures on the trampoline! He'll love that growing up - you're going to have to get a net thingy to go around it though, and maybe some spring covers- those look like they could do some damage!

Miss y'all!

Michelle said...

WE MISS YOU GUYS!!! We need to get together soon!!!

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