Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 hours

2 hours... this is usually the total amount of time Max naps in a day. Well, today he took ONE nap that was 2 hours!!! Not to mention his short little naps this morning. I had him awake for over 3 hours so I thought he would take a really good nap. I put him down at 2, at 2:30 he woke up. I went in, wrapped him tight and put him back down. He woke up at 4:10. WOOHOO!!! It was so nice, I know it was a fluke and will probably be weeks before happening again, but oh my, how nice. Yesterday at the ENT Max had his ears cleaned and we started him on a new antibiotic drop. Also we are doing another round of the oral antibiotic. The drainage is still improving but is not cleared up, in fact the doctor seemed very surprised at the amount of drainage we still had after 5 days of 2 kinds of antibiotics. Poor kid, I can't imagine how miserable he would be without the tubes.

Ok, I am very proud to show this off...

I worked long and hard on this and I happen to think it turned out very well!! Feel free to email this flyer to anyone you think would be interested in walking. Also, I updated our team website to include info on the events of the day and t-shirt info. Please check it out and sign up to walk. This includes you Jim and Cathy, George, Christy, Becki, Paige (yep your hubby is off and you can come!! Bring your boys!) - anyone who wants to at least show they are a part of our efforts. You don't have to "walk" - just donate and support. Hey, you can still get a shirt without walking but not without joining our team!

I just wanted to say thanks to some of the "commentators" we have been having. I really have no way to reply to you except through here! I just want to say thanks to my faithful followers and to the not so frequent ones. I love hearing from people who I don't even know read! Keep commenting, I love it!

I have some TV shows to watch then bedtime. By the way, I worked last night and tonight we ordered pizza. I will get back on the cooking streak next week... I hope!

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Aunt Becki said...

The flyer looks great - I'll go sign up! I'll work on sending this to some of my friends, too.

Enjoy The Office - it's a funny one.

BTW - I like the pregnancy daily tips on the side - thanks!