Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Updates + Big boy seat

Max is definitely getting over his cold, he sounds so much better when he is breathing. Sunday night he was home with Clark and didn't sleep well. Monday I started to notice some gross drainage from his right ear. The ENT told us that because of the tubes an ear infection will present with drainage. We started putting drops in and I called the ENT's office to let them know (they requested I do this). Yesterday they called to check on him and I informed her that there was still a lot of drainage and that I could see it in his canal and I was worried that the drops weren't getting in far enough because of it. She had me bring him in today and they sucked out the wax. Yes, I said sucked out wax. It was so disgusting, but his ear is clean. Anyone who knows me knows that a dirty baby is NOT ok! Have I ever mentioned how much I love the ENT doc? They always get us in and out so quickly since he's little and impatient! They are so friendly and helpful and I really feel like they listen to me. Anyone needing a good ENT let me know and I'll give you a referral!!
Now, I feel the need to share about the kid with the most sensitive gag reflex. Sunday I was getting ready to leave for work but was helping Clark by feeding Max first. He was bites away from being done when he started to cough a little. A little turned into a lot. A lot turned into vomit. Non-stop till his little tummy was EMPTY! I will not be able to eat chicken noodles for a while! He did the same thing last night but this time was just milk, all over his bouncy seat. Then, tonight while eating he coughed a little and only threw up a little, whew. I think the kid doesn't know when to stop eating, so he overeats, so when he coughs he can't help but gag a little on his overflowing belly. I guess I am going to try and feed him less baby food and only when he hasn't had a bottle in a while... we'll see how that goes. Clark and I are sick and tired of cleaning the covers to his various seats! Sunday night I hurried and gave Max a bath while Clark cleaned up the kitchen. I was on my way out and noticed a pair of latex gloves on the table. Clark admitted that he had gone to the garage and gotten them before cleaning. What a dork! I also have to tell you that he came into the hallway more than once to "get some fresh air" in between gagging! Maybe someday he will be desensitized, probably not though.

On a less disgusting note, we got Max a new stroller last week, an umbrella stroller that weighs about 11lbs. It is so great! He loves it and so do I, it is easy to push, easy to load and unload out of the car, etc. It is great! Of course it is a lot cuter in real life when Max is in it. He makes anything cute!

Monday was Clark's birthday so we decided to go out for a delicious dinner. Thanks to Grandma Dee for keeping the little man! We went to one of our favorite places... M&S Grill. They have an amazing filet and we love it with the "oscar style sauce"... crab with butter... YUM! We ate too much, then had ice cream. There goes my workouts for like a week. Oh well, it was delish. Now, speaking of monday night, did anyone else watch the bachelor? What a jerk!! You need to read about what he did to poor Melissa. His favorite line seems to be "you can't live life without regrets." Yes, but that doesn't mean you can stomp all over everyone just to make yourself happy. UGH!

Isn't this a cute picture of Max? Don't mind the slobber and snot all over his chin and nose. Max was a wild man today. He kept getting super excited over everything, squealing and flailing his arms. He cracks me up! He is taking great naps, too. Woohoo!! My hard work is paying off, the only downfall is now he hates to snuggle. I knew it would happen so I just take advantage of it when he lets me (like tonight:))

Today we installed the booster seat into the car, Max has by no means "outgrown" his old carseat but he has grown to hate it! He doesn't mind it as long as the car is moving but when he is not in the car he wants OUT (and it weighs about 28lbs with him in it - hard to carry!). He was kind of fussy when we tried it out but I think he will really enjoy being able to see out the window and to sit up a little more. We'll see.

What a big boy!!! We love him SOO much.
Tomorrow Grandma Dee, Uncle Brad and cousin Taylor are going to see Darren, Becki and Brice. We are very jealous!! We are going to see them in April, Max and I get to stay for 10 days!! Exciting! (Becki- we need to skype soon!)

One more thing, I need some comments people!! Blogging is fun for me, yes, but it is even more fun when I know people are reading and enjoying. So, tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's a topic... I am really trying to be a good "housewife" since I am home most of the week. I have been making lots of good recipes and I could share them if anyone is interested. I mean, I am NO gourmet cook, but they are easy (I have a needy 9 month old) and I get no complaints from my hubby so they must be good. I will share if anyone is interested.


Grandma Dee said...

I'm with Clark - I could never clean up puke either. That was always your Dad's job. Max is getting so big & cute! Take care of those ears!

Grandma Dee said...

Oh yeah, we all need the lasagne recipe. It was excellent! You can cook too much all the time. It's a treat for me to pick up your great cooking on my way home!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Jim said:

I'm glad the big guy is doing better. Keep those ears clean. Good pictures too. Grandma Dee is right he's getting so much bigger and still as cute as ever.

Anonymous said...

Ok Ok so I read your blog all the time and never comment! So here I am today! I must say Max is looking super cute in his new big boy car seat! Umbrella strollers are the best, but I must warn you that sometimes you will miss the storage space of the big stroller. Bart always loved the cup holders! :) I think that you should just do a blog with your recipes...everything I have ever eaten at your house has been amazing!

Aunt Becki said...

I laughed out loud about Clark's gloves. I can so see that! Too funny! Wish you were coming this weekend, too! Although our house might be too small for that many people - we'd make it work!

Yes, let's skype soon - Gmaw and Gdad will be here today sometime, so we can include them. :)

I would love a written copy of your recipes - you always tell me what you did, but I can never remember if I want to try and make it. Please give them to us!

Miss you - see you in a month!!

Michelle said...

I laughed so loud when I read the bit about the puke and gloves!! I made Billy read it too and he got a kick out of it as well.