Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Swimmer

As promised... some pics from our super fun night out. The other couple are our good friends Amy and Kris, Kris was the birthday boy.

Today Max and I had his first swim lesson!!! We went to a new water park called Coco Keys, it is an indoor park attached to a hotel. Max and I were invited by some of my friends from work, and while it was probably a little excessive for the first swim, it was a lot of fun. He kicked and splashed in the baby pool for about 45 minutes. We took a break to let him warm up and eat, then we went around the lazy river. He only lasted about one and a half times around but he laid across the tube and kicked his little feet like crazy! Too cute. I can't wait for summer to let him swim outside and in one of those super cute baby floaties! Ok, I have to go on a rampage for a second... if you are taking your kids to a water park and you don't intend on following them around all day (which is ok past a certain age:)) then please instill some basic people skills. For one, please inform your children to observe the no running rule, especially when running in and out of others. Second, if there is a fountain in a baby pool it is probably for looks. NOT for stepping on and spraying the table near by with clothes and towels, or spraying the infant sitting innocently in the pool. Third, some lazy river rules. While waiting in line for tubes, size does not matter. Just because you are small and can squeeze to the front of the line to get a tube first does not make it ok. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. End of story. And while swimming though the river, if your tube does not fit through a crowd of tubes it is not ok to pick it up and go over the crowd or to attempt to dunk the tube and swim under. The tube is full of air and it WILL come to the top, probably before you get past everyone that is in your way.
Yes, my children will be well behaved. If Max knew any better he would have been so embarrassed of me today. After waiting in line for a tube for a very short time I started to notice that there were quite a few kids sneaking to the front and taking the next tubes (you have to wait for someone to exit and be done with the tube before you can get in... for a VERY short river). After about 10 minutes of watching this happen and the lifeguards doing nothing I felt it my place to help out. Oh yes I did. The main problem was one group of kids, and I had no problem telling the little brats to get to the back of the line. One of them even tried to steal a tube from an old lady!!! I could not let this happen. So, lesson of the day, kids in water parks need leashes.

We really did have fun though... and the girls I went with had very well behaved children.

Isn't he cute in his swim shorts?! Don't be fooled, he is NOT asleep in the stroller pic, just looking down. Max does not sleep in public, too much going on I guess.

He is getting to be such a flirt these days, he will smile at anyone who talks to him. By the way, his head ultrasound was wednesday and he did great! The results came back perfectly normal... and perfectly big! We knew they would, but now the pediatrician will be at ease!

Update on the March of Dimes walk... thank you to the 2 people who visited our website. Max's best friend Hunter is going to join in our race. His parents Michelle and Billy are great and we feel that joining forces we will be able to raise more money, get more walkers and of course have that much more fun!! Anyone with good ideas for a team name let me know... I am not creative. Mad Max is cute but I am having trouble with Hunter... Happy Hunter? Not so cute! HELP!!!!


jayhawkmomma said...

looks like a lot of fun. Becki told me you started blogging- so I been reading it, and enjoying little (now big) Max grow!--Sara

Aunt Becki said...

Love the pics of him in his swimsuit! I can't wait for the beach this summer!!!! Oh, I need this baby to get out so I can go to the gym and get ready for swimsuit season!

I think you were just reliving your Oceans of Fun working days. :)

I miss you!