Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a day off

So, in 2 weeks Clark and I finally have a night off together. It's true, the last night we had off was the night we went out for a friend's birthday, so this is also the first night in OVER 2 weeks we have been home as a family! If only we didn't have a million things to do and we could sit around and enjoy it... We have a number of projects going on -it is ridiculous. We have been working on our basement for over a year, it was planned out to be done before Max was born. He didn't give us enough time! Thankfully we, I mean Clark, has gotten a second wind with it and there is an end in sight. Next, we have the yard, which will forever be a work in progress. We want to put in a sprinkler system, get rid of weeds and grow grass (this one is a priority :)). And plant new flower beds after cleaning out the dead ones from last year. I am pleased that my daylillies appear to be alive for year 3! Woohoo, that is a record for me. The next project is the garage, also a continuos project. Clark decided to buy my dad's old truck to "fix up" over the years and to drive to and from work since he works in the ghetto. So... we have to make room in the garage because I will NOT have 3 cars in my driveway! We are going to buy some shelves this week and hopefully make a little extra room. I am also starting to decorate Max's bathroom, more "kid-friendly." I made a very cute wall sign/towel hanger upper for the wall. We put up some cute bath time pics on one wall, I need a new shower curtain and towels now (don't worry, I will post pics when it is done). ON TOP of all this, Max and I are headed to see Max's new cousin (and Darren, Becki and Brice) in a week and a half. I have to get going on gathering all the baby items I have borrowed. Oh, and I have to work! WHEW. Are you tired? If not, come help me! Haha.

Enough about me, Max is doing great!! He is getting to be such a big boy. We had to move a shelf on his changing table hutch because he is so big I needed more room to change his diaper. Then... we lowered his mattress down becuase he is starting to pull himself up on the side of his bed. Today he pulled up onto his knees. I did not want him learning this skill in the middle of the night... unsupervised! I think his ears have finally stopped draining, I think. We are done with the oral antibiotic and have a day left of the drops. I am nervous to stop.

Today I scheduled his hernia repair surgery. July 1st. Thankfully he will not have to stay overnight and they tell me this is very minor and he will only be uncomfortable for a day or so. I will be glad to get this over with...

Here is one of the pictures from bathtime tonight, we put this one in the frame!

I have a funny story to share... Last week on friday night, I put Max to bed and let him "cry it out" (I still don't know how I feel about this, but I am trying everything to help with sleeping during the day). After he cried for about 25 min I went in and re-binky'd him, he went right to sleep. In fact at about 9:45 I went in to check on him and he hadn't even moved! Somewhere around 11:30 he started to cry. Now, I tried to let him "cry it out" for about 10 minutes and decided if I wanted to sleep that I should go in and check on him. I went in and started to cover him back up, that's when I noticed what was wrong with him. He was covered in pee. Pee on his jammies. Pee on his blanket. Pee on his sheet. Pee on his mattress pad protector. Pee on his mattress pad. Guess where there was no pee... his diaper. I have to admit that it was really cute. I un-buttoned his jammies to find his diaper undone on one side and completely not covering what it should. Here it was, all his glory, shining right at me. He must have rolled to every inch of his bed, "marking his territory" if you will. It really is amazing how NONE of it ended up in the super absorbent size 4 diaper he was sleeping in. Lesson I learned... you need more than one mattress pad. I bought another one the next day, just in case.

Going to enjoy my time with my hubby now :) Good night!


Anonymous said...

Great Gmaw& Granddad enjoys reading Max's blog and of course getting to see how much he is growing. We are so thankful his ears are better.

Aunt Becki said...

Too funny! Thankfully it wasn't at like 3 in the morning - that could have been more difficult!

We can't wait to see you! I'm hoping for an April Fools' Baby, although mom isn't...I'm so ready to hold the new little guy!

Off to change a diaper myself!

Love you!

Aunt Crystal said...

Wow, Beth, you're one busy lady. Hope you make sure you have time just for you.
Good rule of thumb: if at any time there is a chance something will get pee or otherwise on it, ALWAYS buy 2.