Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

So I can't believe it but I haven't taken any pictures of Max since my last post. What?! Next time I take some (tomorrow) I'll have to make up for it! I have been working so hard to make a flyer for our March of Dimes walk. I am getting nowhere. I wish I could find one already made up and just get copies. Guess I'll keep working. Still no great ideas for a team name, kinda dissapointed in my blog readers... hmm hmm. As for Max, he is doing great. He is officially scooting across the floor. Today he scooted about 4 times toward me for a total of about one foot. Haha, he'll get there. He has not been sleeping well at all lately. I have been trying to get him out of that darn swaddle blanket so I'll put him down without it and when he wakes up I wrap him up. The first couple nights went great, he made it about half way through the night. Since then not so great. The last 2 nights he has woken up several times early in the night. Last night once I fell asleep he didn't wake up until 6 (which is way too early- but better than getting up every hour). Hopefully we get back to the wonderful sleep habits he used to have, I don't know what to do... any helpful hints???? Well, I better get to sleep, last night I stayed up too late and 6 was pretty rough. Watch for new pictures tomorrow!!

By the way I added a link to the left that takes you to our March website. PLEASE JOIN IN!!!


Aunt Becki said...

Really? That's all I get? :) Just kidding!

Happy St. Paddy's Day to you guys, too!

Tell Clark and Max we said hi!

Grandma Dee said...

Just when they start sleeping really good, they start cutting teeth or something else. . . get used to the up & down nights. . . it's normal! Someday he'll be a teenager & you won't be able to bomb him out of bed!