Thursday, April 30, 2009

Growing up

Today was a big day for Max. I know I mentioned yesterday that I found him standing in his crib. Well, this morning there he was again- trying to crawl out of his bed. Now, chances are that he would have been fine, but the railing hit him at about his chest and with the right momentum and bounce he could have been on the floor. To make me rest easier (and allow him to "cry it out" at naptime) I lowered his bed all the way to the lowest setting. And, he got his mattress flipped over to the "toddler side." Yes, the toddler side. Sadly I no longer have a baby.
First thing in the morning (well, lately he has been getting up around 6 but I encourage him to play in his bed, or I don't know sleep, till 7 at the earliest. He does pretty well, this morning he woke at 6 and around 6:20 I re-binkied him and wrapped him up and he was quiet until 6:57), anyway... first thing after 7 we get in our bed and we watch cartoons. Anyone who has kids seen "special agent oso?" It is stupid, but Max will watch it off and on, this morning he laid still for 8 minutes! WOW!! Ok, so after cartoons we get up and Max eats breakfast, oatmeal and a bottle, then he plays on the floor. First thing he did on the floor... CRAWL! On hands and knees, not tummy and elbows! Sadly, again, I no longer have a baby. I have a toddler.

Max took a great nap this afternoon, which ended up being a huge blessing. Clark got up around 2:30 and called his dad only to find out some bad news. GG (Max's great grandma) has been sick for a while, in and out of the hospital with pneumonia and then complications with antibiotics. Well, she was scheduled to go home today with hospice. They had put a hospital bed in her house and set up the oxygen and other supplies. She basically has really bad lungs, diagnosed with COPD and CHF, and is just not strong enough to fight off these infections. Today she took a turn for the worst and started to have a lot of trouble breathing. She is confused and struggling. They called hospice to the hospital and are going to work on keeping her comfortable while she spends some time with her family. We took Max up to see her and it is so amazing what great medicine a baby can be. She asked us if we could just hang him up in the corner of her room! Oh, GG, your sense of humor is what we love and what we'll miss! And of course your cooking, your stubborness, your love of your grandkids, the way you over-buy all the kids Christmas presents, how much you love to talk on the phone and gossip about all the natives of Platte City:), but most of all your love for your family. Please say a prayer for all of her family. She is certainly a legacy to them and she will be missed greatly but will live with more comfort than she can probably remember.

Dinner tonight was pretty good, click here for the recipe I used.
I used a jar of spaghetti sauce instead of the butter sauce; and used wonton wrappers and not homemade pasta dough! And... I had alot of the meat mixture so I made a few fried ones as appetizers. They were SO good! I just pan fried them in olive oil. The other ones maybe cooked to long but the dough was kind of gummy. Still tasty, though, next time I will just fry them and make something else for a main course. They were fun to make!

Going to pick up our March of Dimes shirts tomorrow! YEAH!!!

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Anonymous said...

He is such a precious boy. GG loved him so much, although she really didn't get to spend the time with him like she would have liked. She was so proud of Clark and Beth, and Max was just the icing on the cake. You provided much joy in her life, and she will be Max's guardian angel forever. Love all of you - Grandma Cathy