Friday, April 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Max and I got home from Tennessee yesterday around 2. We had a very nice time visiting and meeting the new baby, Rider. However, it was by no means a vacation and I am sure ready for one of those! Max did very well while we were there, he slept all night, EVERY night (sleepy boot camp was a HUGE success!), played like crazy with cousin Brice and even took good naps. We wish they lived closer so we could hang out more often... but they just had to go and move...

Max has the 2 cutest bottom teeth and seems to be working on a mouthful more, or at least it seems that way with the buckets of drool he is producing. He is officially doing a military crawl, and not just short distances. The boy can move. If a toy is worth it - he will get there. He is really good about playing on the floor by himself, in fact he would even play with Brice and Aunt Becki. But as soon as he sees his momma he wants me to pick him up or give him 100% of my attention and be on the floor with him. What can I say, I am pretty fun (to Max at least). Max is also enjoying finger foods more and more, he can eat those gerber puffs for hours (ok hours would be a little long to sit in a high chair, but he LOVES them). We got a new "veggie dip" flavor and he seems to really enjoy putting as many as he can into his mouth at once and then later burping and shoving his stinky little "veggie puffed" hands in my face. The smell lingers a little. And it isn't very appetizing. Lately we have been working on cutting out a nap in our day. So far it works as long as the morning nap is longer than 30 minutes. As I type we are going on 35... SHH!! Don't wake the baby!

So, I have been a really bad poster lately and I am going to try and post during nap times. Night time I am very tired and usually trying to pick up the house, do laundry or just relax. I am making it a personal goal to get more blogging time in!

I have some really exciting news to share! Earlier this week I turned in our t-shirt orders for the March of Dimes walk and we sold an amazing 96 shirts! WOW! With the money Clark and I will donate per shirt sold this is almost a $500 profit we get to donate!!!! Amazing, and this is just our first year. Also, Hunter's mommy, Michelle, has a friend who is hosting a pancake breakfast at her house to raise even more money. I am really excited to go eat pancakes, too!

Spoke to soon, Max just woke up. I'll post a new slideshow later of some pics from our trip. Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Grandpa Jim says it was great to see the little guy this afternoon. He is beginning to move with those elbows. We will see him again soon.

Alison Sherman said...

What a big, handsome boy! Max is so darling and has the best facial expressions! Too bad they aren't having a NICU reunion this spring, but hopefully in the fall.