Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Isn't this the cutest little face?! This morning we went to church with Grandpa E and Max had a great nap in the nursery to prepare him for lunch. We all went to Outback with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Cathy... yummy! Max was semi-well behaved. I fed him puffs for the first half then he ate his squash and his bottle like a champ! After lunch G-Jim and G-Cathy were nice enough to come over and watch Max so Clark could take a nap and I could go to the store and get some laundry done. Max was so good for them, in fact, he slept THE WHOLE time. 2.5 hours to be exact. What a good boy... He did get to play and show them how cute he is when he got up. He impressed them with his spin moves and his scooting. He is slowly getting there, he consistently pulls up to all fours and then plops back down!

I got a shot at the tooth the other day... only one is in, the other is SOO close. I love the added bonus of puffs stuck to his face, if he knew they were they he would attack! He likes to shove them in his mouth with both hands, it is hilarious. And he eats handfulls in seconds, I have to portion control already!

Here is Max playing with Charlie, I think he has gotten over being sick of the camera and now he cheeses it up! He will hold a pose and a smile till I take the picture, I love it!

Max has not been sleeping well at night lately, it's like we are going to get one or the other... good day naps or good night sleep. SO, this week is "sleeping boot camp." I am determined to cut this behavior out, even if it means I am up all night listening to him scream! Tuesday Max and I leave for Tennessee, we are both very excited to get there!! I am a little nervous for my little terror to be on a plane, I even downloaded a Sesame Street episode to my iPod to hopefully get a 5 minute distraction. I will of course bring lots of puffs, because if all else fails he is quiet when he eats!

I get yet another Sunday night off!!! I did only get about 2 hours of sleep this morning after work so I am headed to bed, yes at 8:15! Goodnight!


Aunt Crystal said...

Taylor had a Sesame Street video on his plane ride. Apparently, it worked wonders for him. Brice even liked to watch it when they were in the car. Thank goodness Grandma Dee has an iPhone.

Anonymous said...

He is so cute! I love his little smile. The second pic in the high chair is one of my favorites!

Grandma Dee said...

Good job on the Sesame Street Video. Brice wants it everytime he sees my phone! I need to get another one. . .I'm bored of the one we have but it's absolutely mesmorizing for the little guys so hopefully it will work for Max too. Can't wait to see you both tomorrow. Grandma Dee needs a Max fix to go along with my Brice & Rider fixes!