Thursday, July 9, 2009

favorite toy + 13 months

Ok, second post today. I didn't feel like the topics fit together, so I made 2. Besides, Max is 13 months old today!!!! Back on track... Max clearly loves cars. Specifically car sounds. But he especially loves his police cars. He has 4 of them in all different sizes: S, M, L, XXL; and I find them pretty much all over the house. The day Max had his surgery Clark and I brought the large version, it has a few buttons on top that make siren and engine noises. When we went with him to the recovery room he was extremely irritable, I guess from all the drugs. He had gotten plenty of pain meds and was just feeling a little disoriented. If it was just me and him in our little curtain room he was ok, but as soon as he saw one of the nurses he would start to fuss. Clark tried to cheer him up by getting the car out and playing. Max was so pitifully cute. Mid-fuss he let out the most pathetic tthhpthffthpthf. You get the idea. Then back to crying. It was like he was saying, "I know I'm supposed to make this sound and I really want to- but I don't feel like it." We laughed so hard!! Anyway, here he is using the coaster as a tow truck and the windowsill as a racetrack. He's pretty innovative for a 13 month old.

So many blogs update with monthly milestones. I haven't done this to date but no better time to start than the present...

We are working SO hard to get him to walk. Vacation is a week and a half away and the beach will be much more fun upright. He will stand by himself as long as he doesn't realize it. And the other day he actually made a forward motion with one foot. Completely by accident because when he realized he was independently standing/moving he fell to his knees and took off. He will walk while holding my hands and sometimes will do it just holding one hand. Almost there buddy!

Morning time kept creeping earlier and earlier. Max is an excellent sleeper and would usually get up around 7. Well lately it was 6:30, 6:15, 5:55, so on... Well, I enjoy sleep entirely too much for this. We got some window tint to darken the room and voila. He has slept until 7:15 or later!!! (yes, Becki, I will probably jinx myself too). Nap time is even getting better, yesterday he took TWO 2-hour naps!!! YAY!!!

Eating and drinking is something I write about a lot. However, I need to point out that a couple weeks ago we went to a sippy cup, encouraged MANY more table foods and increased reflux meds. Since then we have had NO (knock on wood) projectile puking episodes. Whew!

Well, nap time for the morning is ending, thus is blogging. Enjoy the double posting and Happy 13 months MadMax!


Kuhl Family said...

Glad to hear no more puking! And glad you've adopted the dark curtain theory. I sure do swear by fact, I just put a blanket over Rider's window in hopes to darken the room more for him. We'll see... And, I think once they reach a certain age, the jinx starts to lessen some. You may have one bad day now, but I think you should be okay. :)

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the pictures of the fourth and all the fun with his cousins. I know these boys are really going to be buddies. What fun, just think what one doesn't think of the other will!!!!! If you really want to darken the room you can put foil (kitchen foil) and fit it in the windows!!! Just think it will darken the room and be such a energy efficient way to keep the heat out - plus a new window treatment!