Wednesday, June 10, 2009


If you asked my dad he would tell you that when it comes to my birthday it is no less than a week long celebration. I mean, who needs to fit all the potential fun into one day?! Well, I plan on teaching Max all of my great ways, starting with birth'week'! Today we took Max to build a bear (see next post for our adventure!). We made him a dog that we named "Primo." It is pretty cute, and is currently sleeping well in Max's bed. He got to kiss slobber all over the heart and push the pedal to stuff the bear. Next we groomed and fluffed Primo before getting him dressed. We got him complete with a kennel (cardboard box) and a birth certificate. It was really fun and the pictures are adorable!

I don't know how I forget to mention some of the adorable things Max is doing these days... First things first, he says Mama. I am so proud! It's more like mommomm, but we all know what he means. He also says uh-oh, but only when we say it to him first, very cute! Next... ayayayayaya, kind of Indian like. It's my favorite because his face is hilarious. He shows his gums and crinkles his nose. Last, not really a word, but he can make car noises. Ok, well he is just sticking out his tongue and making raspberries, but he gets on the ground and pushes his cars around while making this noise. He has also been known to push other things around, ie: remotes, phones, tape measurers, etc while making this noise. Below is video proof:

And one last thing, Max has tooth #3. Finally. He is a slow teether. Forgive him.

And... because I hate pictureless posts:
Max in the morning, he probably thinks every morning is Christmas. I put all his toys away every night and EVERY morning he gets them out, laughing and smiling like he is seeing them all for the first time!

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