Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Click here to get a sneak peek at Max's one year pictures. And to see the photographers blog. She did a great job and we had so much fun with Max!

Today was Uncle Darren's birthday so Becki planned a surprise dinner at Jack Stack BBQ. The food was delicious but Max was a brat. He was tired and that's pretty much all it takes. We thought we were keeping him occupied with goldfish until he choked a little and puked all over the floor. After that we tried very hard to entertain him without food, only to fail. He wanted to be playing or carried around. We ate in shifts and left promptly after. Sorry Darren we had to eat and run but Happy Birthday anyway. (and good job to grandad for actually keeping it a secret!)


Grandma Dee said...

Love those pictures of the big 1 yr old! And, by the way, he wasn't the only brat there yesterday! All of the boys were tired and it's not fair making them sit when they'd rather be playing together!

Grandma Cathy said...

What, my grandson a brat???? Never. He's just being a typical little boy and behaving just like his father! Clark still get mad and cranky at times does that make he a bigger brat?

Alison Sherman said...

Oh my goodness, Max is such a cutie! He looks so grown up! Happy 1st birthday Max!

Anonymous said...

We are anxious to see Max this week-end. I know he was not a brat! He is to precious to be a brat!

See you Sunday.

Love ya,

Gmaw & Gdad

Nicole said...

Happy 1st Birthday Max!!! You are such a fun little guy, we're all so glad you're here! Keep your mom and dad in line!