Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A whole day year older

This is where were one year ago today. Staring at this tiny baby and being so amazed that he had 10 fingers and 10 toes, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, fingernails and healthy lungs. I still stand by the phrase "ignorance is bliss." If this weren't true I think I would have been very stressed and worried. However, we were not. We were mostly bummed that we would spend the summer in a hospital :). This year on this day we did things a lot different. For starters, I slept last night (Max tried to keep this streak going by being awake from 2-4 coughing), I didn't have to walk through a hospital to see him, he got to wear clothes (his 1st birthday shirt to be exact), and we got to snuggle and spend ALL day together!! It was great! He sort of slept in after his long night. We got up at 7, watched cartoons and then ate breakfast. After his morning nap we met Grandma Dee for a birthday lunch. We braved the pouring rain and went to the plaza. After a yummy lunch with a very well behaved little one year old we went and ordered Max's birthday cupcakes for his party on Friday. Recently (thanks to Nicole!) we learned about an amazing cupcake shop called Cupcake a la mode. We survived terrential downpour for this one, but it was oh so worth it! I ordered 24 cupcakes in flavors such as chocolate strawberry, pb&j, cookies and cream and chocovanilla. I might have definitely got some for Clark and I tonight. (yes, I planned on giving Max some but he decided to cough himself into yet another episode of "loosing his lunch" if you catch my drift). This cough I keep talking about is making me WAY more miserable than him. It sounds awful but he 1)doesn't have a fever 2)is playful and acting completely normal 3)is eating fine and 4)has not gotten an ear infection. So, he must be fine! It is almost as bad as the time we took him to the ER, though.

Some comparison from last year. This picture was taken about a week after we came home from the hospital, I estimate him to be about 7 1/2lbs here.

Here is Max with "monkey" now, at around 20lbs.

Max this morning when I told him it was his birthday!!

Lunch with Dee

After lunch and the cupcake store (and almost getting washed away in the flooding of downtown) I rushed home trying to keep Max awake. I wanted him to take a good nap in his bed. My hard work paid off, he slept for 2 hours!!! We ended up waking him up so we could run some errands. We got a baby gate and other household safety items. When we got home Max played with monkey on the floor while I got his dinner ready. He ate chicken sticks (basically baby hotdog, kinda gross really) and carrot chunks with a yogurt for dessert.

I love this kid!

Happy 1st Birthday Max!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

These are some great Pictures!! Happy Birthday Baby Max!
Cooper, Carter
Bart and Paige

Kuhl Family said...

Max - we love you! You have such a special place in all our hearts! Happy Birthday Sweet Max!

Grandma Dee said...

What a year, kiddo. . . it was oh so worth it! You (as well as all your cousins) have a really special place in my heart! Grandma Dee