Thursday, June 25, 2009

fun in the sun

I haven't posted in a few days because Max and I have been having entirely too much fun!!! I don't even really remember what we did last week it was so busy. I do, however remember the news we got from the ENT. Max had a regular check up on Monday and we found one of his tubes was "clogged up." For 5 days we put peroxide drops in his ear to try and dissolve the blockage. Friday we found out that it was clear but there was tissue growing behind the tube in an attempt to "reject" it. Out came the tube. In the office. Max screamed. The good news is that his already scheduled surgery for next week will now be a dual surgery. Dr. T (the ENT) will sneak in the OR first, pop in some new tubes and then the general surgeon, Dr. S.P. will correct the hernia. More about that later...

This week Max and I have been to the pool almost every day. Monday and Tuesday we went to the YMCA:

he enjoyed himself.

Yesterday Max's great grandparents were in town and wanted to spend some time with him. After a long morning, lunch with mom and dad:

and an appointment:

he was in for some fun napping. I think he did wake up in time to play and hang out with them for an hour or so. Thanks for the break guys! We love you and it was great to see you!!!

Today Max and I went to the park/pool with Max's cousins Cooper and Emma and Uncle George. It was great to see the kids and they love to see "baby Max." All of them had a blast at the pool. Max got a new floatie that allows him to sit more in the water, and with the shallow pool he could actually walk around. He loved it. He was so worn out today I couldn't keep him awake in the car much more than 5 minutes. He did take a nap when we got home but it only lasted a little over an hour. He was VERY cranky this evening.

Here is Max with his favorite new expressions (and his adorable new shoes)...

So, about his surgery. If all goes well (and no emergencies occur the morning of that would obviously take priority over our oh so non-emergent surgery) then both procedures will take place at the same time. When Max had his tubes placed in January he was taken in and basically just sedated for the quick procedure. In fact, we barely had time to get a drink, sit and get cozy when they called my name. This surgery will be minor, yes, but a little more invasive. This time he will have an IV, a breathing tube, and an incision. :( I am ready for it to be over. So, Wednesday July 1st: please pray for no emergent surgeries that will prevent both from being done, that Max does well with the IV, the breathing tube and the anesthesia meds, and that his recovery is fast with little pain and discomfort.

And now... Max finally said "dada!" In the car he acted like he had known how to say it for a while. He said it over and over and smiled and laughed. So precious!!!
Enjoy :)

By the way, we have been trying to get him to say this for a while, as he says "mamama" all the time. Every time we try to get him to say a new word he grins and says "mama." Well today after he learned dada he wouldn't say anything else... What a brat!


Kuhl Family said...

LOVE it! What a precious little boy! Can't wait to spend time w/ him!

Grandma Dee said...

Now we have to work on Dee!

Aunt Crystal said...

You'll have to go to the NKC pool with us sometime.

Anonymous said...

We had fun with him, if only for a short time. His DaDa was precious. I agree with GDee but I think Gmaw would be good too!

Gmaw & Gdad