Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new look

Do you like the new look of the blog? The background was easy but I have spent over an hour working on a banner for the top... no luck... maybe another day. Maybe.

Max's birthday week ended with a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's. I was skeptical about spending 2 hours there, but it was surprisingly fun. We actually didn't even leave until almost 8. Max had fun playing on the car...

And eating cupcakes...

Secretly he didn't eat any of the cupcake, Aunt Crystal helped him out by smashing it in his hair and on his face. He got cleaned up and changed into his pj's then proceeded to fall asleep on the way home. He smelled so good the next morning I could have eaten him!! Then he got a bath. In the morning. He smelled great, but was very sticky.

Max had a great weekend with daddy and I am glad to be home with him pretty much all week. We are looking forward to some sun and time outdoors!

Strawberries, avacado, banana. All 3 foods Max has started to eat in their raw, fresh form. He loves them! He put the banana in his mouth today, looked at me and laughed. Too stinking cute. Avacado gets a funny face, but he keeps eating and eating. And strawberries are hard to pick up so I put them on the spoon and have him get them off the spoon. Apparently this is hilarious. He laughed EVERY time.

Enjoy the new look.


Kuhl Family said...

very cute! you'll have to help me!

Aunt Crystal said...

He would have been a lot stickier if I would've had some help from Aunt Becki.

Anonymous said...

The "Texture" of the food can be an issue.

There is a knocking noise on this blog. kind of like food with texture.


Anonymous said...

To clarify:

The knocking and texture can both be annoying.