Thursday, July 9, 2009

fun with cousins on the fourth

I realize this is a few days late but I figure these pictures are too cute to not post!!! We sure missed seeing Max's other cousins, Brice and Rider, (and their parents) but we had fun playing and eating hot dogs with Taylor and Josiah. Clark and I missed out on fireworks due to that oh-so-fun thing called work. We hear Max did not enjoy them AT ALL. He's such a baby.

Aren't they precious...


or trouble?


Hot dogs!!!


Kuhl Family said...

That picture at the entertainment center brings back too many memories! Glad to see Max is eating real food now! And glad to see Taylor is using the hot dog table to eat his hot dog. See you in a little over a week!!

Aunt Crystal said...

Cute pictures. I vote for trouble.

I'm surprised you didn't mention anything about the "Ratitouille Mickey Mouse."