Friday, July 3, 2009

"I'm better... and hungry!"

Well yesterday Max was still only about 85% himself. He slept amazing the night after surgery, I'm sure a combo of anesthesia meds and the pain medicine we gave him helped, but he slept more soundly than ever before. He didn't crack a smile until the afternoon but he was playful, crawling, and HUNGRY!!! He was a bottomless pit. To put it nicely. Before breakfast he drank some pedialyte, I was so worried to jump right into "normal" food and then get sick. Anyway, he normally eats breakfast at 8, well he woke up at 6 to a soaking wet bed (and a 15lb diaper) and by 6:30 he could wait no longer. He had banana, cereal, yogurt puffs and milk. Took a very early morning nap. Ate biscuit, egg, bacon and more milk. Went to the store with mom. Came home and ate his weight in puffs. Took another nap. Drank more milk. Went with mom to pick up his one year pictures (which are awesome!). Then ate hot dog, mashed potatoes, banana, peaches and cookies. Then more milk. Today was not much different, a little picky at lunch and only one breakfast, but still a very hungty little boy! And his table food aversion is much better! Here he is eating strawberries this morning. With a smile I might add.

Here are some pics from the day of surgery. He looked so stinking cute in the gown. It was too long so when playing in the waiting room (during our 4 hour wait) we tied it in the back in very 80's fashion!

And, "if you aren't going to feed me or get this surgery over with... I guess I'll sleep."

And because I happen to love this face...

I will share it.

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Kuhl Family said...

LOVE the face! I am so unbelievably excited to see you guys!!

Miss you!