Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two for one

Well today was long, exhausting and frustrating but very succesful. Dr. T was unable to be there for the ear tubes but an ENT, Dr. N, from children's stepped and got the job done! He had his hernia repaired first followed by new tubes in both ears, "normal sized" tubes by the way! As you can tell from the last post we waited around a long time in pre-op. Four hours to be exact. Max slept a little, played a little and fussed a little. He was actually very patient and super sweet and cuddly! At 3:30 he was taken in and at 4:30 his surgery was finished. He had his IV placed after 3 sticks and they drew his one year labs for us so we could avoid another poke at an outside lab. He was awake and pretty much ready to go by 5:30. In recovery he chugged water and sprite, came home to applesauce, bananas and yogurt puffs followed by a sponge bath and kisses. We didn't give him milk because, well, we didn't want puke. He fell right to sleep and despite some fussiness he did great! His pain meds are helping him sleep and we hope tomorrow he'll be a little perkier. I'll post pictures from today when I get them loaded.

In other BIG and EXCITING news... Max is totally off a bottle!!!! After a few weeks of bad reflux and increasing his meds we decided to start really encouraging table foods and less milk (oh yeah we switched to whole milk...shhh don't tell his ped:)). So I decided that we would give him bottles at night but during the day he could only have a cup. Now up until this point he has thought of sippy cups as play toys. Well he did great, so great we gave it to him the first night, too. And so on. And now... He's a pro!! Good job baby boy! You make me proud!

I'm so glad the day is over and hope it's the last time we have to give our baby to a stranger in a hallway nurse going to the OR.

We love you Max!


Grandma Dee said...

So glad this is over for Max. We're praying that this is his last surgery for many, many years to come! He is a special & loved little boy!

Kuhl Family said...

What about when you drop him off at school for the first time? Stranger in a hallway? I know - don't think about that yet!! We love you, too Max! Can't wait to see y'all!