Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working on a routine...

Max proved last week when he was with his daddy that he has gone from spoiled to rotten. Clark had to drive around to get him to nap. I know that most people would say, "we've all done that." Ok, fine, once in a while. But, every nap for 2 straight days... poor Clark! I had decided I was going to get the book Babywise, but looking through it I think it's very focused on newborns. Who thinks about this stuff that early on?! I am going to use some of their methods... cycles of eat, wake, sleep... in that order. Max loves to fall asleep with a bottle in his mouth, so now when I feed him at night I will wake him up, for just a second, and then put him to bed semi-awake. I am also weaning out the swaddle blanket. He is rolling so much and getting out of it anyway so I guess it's time to remove the suffocation hazard. Today was our first day with all of this, Max did great! He slept until 7:30, ate, played and then got fussy. I put him in bed awake and unswaddled. I went in after 10 minutes because I could hear him playing. I rolled him to his back and put his binky back in. Seconds later he was out! Woohoo! He slept maybe 30 minutes, ate cereal and we went to the gym. After we got home he had a bottle and fell right to sleep when I put him down. Around 4 I laid him down again, this time he screamed for 5 minutes. I was going to wait 10 but he was really worked up (and I'm a sucker). I flipped him over, binky in, and... OUT! This time for almost an hour. He was still fussy this evening, and went to bed around 6:45. I am expecting an early morning... :(

Max is fighting off a little bit of a cold again. I can't tell if it is actually going to go anywhere or just be a sorta runny nose and a cough. Last night he freaked me out a little, after his bath he had a coughing spell that made him wheeze. After about an hour he was fine but I had already made up my mind to make sure he was ok. I took him to urgent care and everything checked out perfect. His oxygen levels were good and his lungs were clear. He did have some fluid behind his right ear and the doctor said the tube looked a little "out of place." UGH! We have an appointment with the ENT monday so hopefully we will get this cleared up. Poor Max, he sure does have bad luck.

He is rolling everywhere these days. This morning he was playing on his blanket while I was washing his bottle. I looked down and couldn't see him, he rolled all the way to the coffee table. What a goof. He sits almost all by himself too. We put the bebepod chair in the bathtub (even though it says, "never use as a bath seat" I was with him the whole time!). He is way too big for his bathtub and he loves to sit up. It was ok, hard to wash his man parts and butt though.

These pics are from his occupational therapy yesterday. He gets cuter everyday.

He showed her how well is eating from a spoon. Then he got controlling and took the spoons. He wanted to do it himself!

I got Max a new sippy cup today and he actually figured this one out. He did so great holding it up himself too! He had apple juice all over his shirt but he sure did enjoy it!!

Clark is leaving for a ski trip in the morning so it is just mommy and Max for the next few days. We are doing all kinds of fun stuff, lunch with Kelli and Cassie (fave NICU nurses), shopping, flu shots.. ok some not so fun stuff too. Hope Clark has fun but we will miss him around here!

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Aunt Becki said...

I have heard Babywise is linked with babies who are labeled "Failure to Thrive" - probably wouldn't be the case with Max now, but I'm glad you didn't have it when he was an infant - I don't think it's really that great. I have the book "Heathly Sleep Habits - Healthy Child" and although my precious little boy still isn't "textbook" - it really did help. I think for his age, it says he should take 3 naps a day - eventually phasing out the late afternoon one. Follow your instincts, but I do recommend a schedule - it is a lifesaver!

Love the sippy cup pics - wow - he's getting big!!! I'm calling the mommy police b/c you used his bebepod in the bathtub - I can't believe you! And the pic of him sitting up at therapy - his belly rests on his legs - too funny!

Tell Clark to have fun! Sorry I wrote a novel. :)