Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today was a very fun day for Max, and mom and dad! Max and I had lunch with some of my friends, one of which has a 3 month old. It was very fun to see them and the baby... she is soo adorable. So calm, quiet and relaxed- the opposite of Max lately! Then we had to go get Max's RSV shot. Ok, this part of the day was not so fun. I hate when he gets shots. He weighed in at 16lbs even! Which is great, except now his RSV shot is so much it has to be split into 2 shots. He did not like it at all!

These pictures are from a couple days ago, he had rolled over and was making some really funny faces.

Ok, the funnest part of the day... Our friends from the NICU came over for dinner. We met Billy and Michelle right away when we entered the NICU. Their son, Hunter, was born the week before Max at 27 weeks. The boys almost shared a due date. We really lucked out meeting them, the boys were right next door to each other for 2 months. Out of all the positives from the NICU this definitely ranks close to the top. We really enjoy hanging out with them, they are so down to earth and really good people. It's really fun to see the boys progress together! They are so different! Hunter has 2 teeth... so cute, he is sitting up really well, he loves to eat and he smiles at everything! Here is a picture of them playing.

This is a blackmail picture for the boys first dates! It was really funny when we laid Hunter down and they looked like they were playing footsies. Billy didn't like this very much!

Well, all in all today was fun. Max is still fussy from teething but hopefully will cut them soon and move on! Going to watch Top Chef now, good night!


Grandma Dee said...

The boys are so cute! I almost stopped in just to see Hunter (and Max, of course) last night. Glad you had fun. It is amazing to see how God puts people in our lives. Without the boys you guys wouldn't have met Michelle & Billy. Good things really do come out of seemingly crummy situations!

Aunt Becki said...

LOVE Top Chef! I can't believe how BIG Hunter is! Wow! And I thought Max was big for his age!

Anonymous said...

Ok so the picture of Max where he is all tight lipped is awesome! So funny! I love funny face pictures. Hope that you all are having a good week and that your stuff at Children's is going well.