Friday, February 6, 2009

Teething :(

Fun in the bebe-pod chair.

These pictures are from yesterday. It's funny at first he really liked the chair and then he quickly changes his mind. I think at one point he bit too hard on the toy! His sad little face is very fake... He is teething for sure, lots of drool, everything in his mouth and fussy more often than not. Hurry up teeth!!!

Today Max has been a "happy teether." He really only took one good nap and didn't go to bed until almost 8, with the exception of a few fussy moments he was a happy kid. The weather was SO nice, Max even got to wear short sleeves! I love his chubby arms! Even though he was born in June he didn't get to enjoy much of the summer. By the time he came home it was starting to cool off and he was still so little he didn't get out much. I think he likes the fresh air, he's not crazy about wind in his face. He makes a gasping noise like he is choking on water, yeah he's dramatic!

Look at the bubbles! Max also ate like a pig today, a big bowl of cereal... mixed with apples, pears and bananas... the combo fruit he didn't like the other day. He ate every bite of his sweet potatoes and banans tonight, then took his whole bottle. I think he gets his eating habits from his dad! (ok, I like to eat too)
Well, I have to work at 7am tomorrow since I have orientation at Children's all next week. Boo. I hate mornings and I have to work the next 9 days straight, 7 of which are mornings. Please be good Max!

I know a while back I wrote about GG (Clark's grandma). Not too long ago she moved into an assisted living facility while she underwent treatment for lung cancer. Just this week she fell and broke her hip. She surprised everyone and tolerated the surgery well and her leg is healing great. Unfortunately her kidneys are now failing and she is requiring some assistance to help her breathe. She is in a really critical state right now and could use some prayers. If it is her time, then pray she goes without pain. If not, she needs help healing and bouncing back quickly. Her body is frail and cannot take stress well. Also pray for Clark's family as this is really hard on them. Thanks!

Good night!


Anonymous said...

Seeing the pictures of my adorable grandson brings me joy and happiness, making all my worries and stree go away. He is the miracle in our lives, and I've been blessed with not only him but three other adorable grandchildren.
Grandma Cathy

Aunt Becki said...

Oh my - he looks so big in those pictures in the bebe pod! Sitting up like such a big kid. :)

GG is in our prayers!

Call me when you have a minute - miss you...give Max a kiss and Clark a hello for us!

Grandma Dee said...

Max is in his bouncy seat right this minute jumping like crazy. He's been playing here for 30 minutes! That's a record. He's really getting so big!