Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leaps and Bounds!

I know I said a couple weeks ago that Max had learned so many new thing so fast but he hasn't stopped! He is so different each week. Last week we started the nap thing and I don't know but I think it has made a huge difference. He used to nap for about 30-60 min, now he is napping almost 2 hours at a time! He is so well rested that he doesn't get nearly as fussy as he used to. Now, every time I talk about how great he is doing or how happy he has been he gives me a day where that reverses. I hope tomorrow is good!

Last week Max and I went shopping all day on Thursday... he was SO good. It was a long day but he was patient. We came home to a clean house (thanks to my self indulgence... a cleaning lady once a month), later Thursday night we went to Paige's house (one of the wives left home during the ski trip!). We had yummy dinner and watched a chick flick. Perfect way to spend a night without the hubby! Then I worked all weekend- friday, saturday and sunday... yuck. Needless to say last night I was too tired to make a post. Sorry to any avid readers!

Yesterday Max had an ENT appointment and I was curious to see what he said about the tubes. He pulled out a nasty "blood clot," it looked like a scab. Other than that he said they both looked great! Yeah! Then we went to PT and hung out with Michelle. We love her!

Ok, so I said leaps and bounds, I'll elaborate.

Sunday when Clark got home we were playing with Max on the floor. He was reaching so hard for toys while laying on his tummy. There was a yellow ring just out of reach so he pulled his legs under him and lunged forward! I make it sound much more dramatic and graceful than it was, in fact a couple of the times he accidentally picked him butt up too high and flipped himself over. You could totally tell he was trying to move forward though!!!

New noises...
He always has been a noisy little man but lately he is conversing. He will sit in his car seat and just talk and talk. He also loves to squeal. Clark always thinks he is getting upset but when you look at him he is smiling so big! He isn't too big on laughing but he loves to get excited. He flaps his arms and shakes his head. It is too cute!

Sitting up...
Not only is he sitting up on his own, he is sitting in high chairs and carts at the store! I got a really cute thing that is just a piece of fabric that velcros to the front of a cart (I also put it on high chairs) and it has toys attached. If I pad around him with a blanket then he can't fall back or to the side so he sits and plays with the toys. He has been so much better at restaurants because of it. Grandma Cathy must have read about my unsafe bath seat last week so she brought over a bath chair for Max. He seems to really like it, he tries to reach for toys in the tub a lot! Thanks Grandma Cathy!

Rolling, rolling, rolling...
As you can see in the picture below he rolls all over the living room! I put him down the other day and went up to wash his bottle out. I looked down and he was gone! He rolled all the way across the floor. Too funny!

Max has always been a good eater but he gets better everyday! This picture is too cute, he doesn't quite get it that it has to be open first!

Yesterday we set up our web cam on a program called Skype. Now we are able to talk to Becki, Darren and cousin Brice all the way in Tenessee. It is so cool! Anybody out there with a web cam let me know! I don't think Brice knows what to think of it but I love it!

Sorry again for the days without posts, I will try and do better! Good Night!

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Aunt Becki said...

Don't really have much to comment, but I feel the need to leave one for every post, so here I am! :)

I will testify to the difference good naps make! good naps = happy kids! And, I too, suffer from the paybacks for bragging. I'm just going to start talking about how terrible of a sleeper Brice is hoping that will make him better. Anytime I tell someone he is doing so well sleeping, he then has a night where he's up for 3 hours - yuck!

We loved our babysitter tonight by the way - super sweet girl! Too bad she's a senior in high school. :(

Brice and Darren say hi!