Friday, May 22, 2009

Going to Grandma's

Tomorrow Max is taking his first out of town trip without mommy and daddy. He will be flying out at 7am with Grandad-E to go see his great grandma and grandpa in Illinois. He is SO excited! I used to love taking trips to see them in the summertime, I would get to fly by myself and spend a week or more there. Then on Monday there will be a carload of people coming back to KC :) Grandma Dee and Grandad-E will drive home with Max, Aunt Beckie, and Cousins Brice and Rider. They will be staying for a little over a week! YAY!

Max has been doing much better with his eating phobia... He still won't feed himself the foods that are soft, cold or squishy but he'll eat them if you put them in his mouth. Since last week he has eaten chicken and veggies, green beans and rice, beef ravioli, lasagna, and turkey and rice. Also some not so baby foods... fruity cheerios, yogurt (I would venture to say that he loves this more than puffs...), pasta salad, black olives, pepperoni, oatmeal cream pies:), cheese and rice. He is way more accepting of new flavors and textures and I am sure that with a few more teeth he'll take off and we can STOP buying baby food!!

He is just as active as ever, we went to PT on Monday and he blew Michelle away. He was crawling everywhere (even off the playmat), standing up and dancing and just being plain cute! He has started to cruise around the furniture, mainly going after things he is not supposed to get: cell phones, iPods, computer, remotes, etc. But, hey! At least he is moving! He has also learned the word No! and heard it more than once a hundred times! Along with No! comes learning to throw fits. If he is getting something he isn't supposed to and I say no, he sits down, turns bright red, makes the most pittiful face and cries without taking his eyes off of me. Also, no tears. He has managed to make it work about 70% of the time. What can I say? He's got me and his daddy right where he wants us!

Standing fool.

Fried. Nope, no light sockets near by.

I love this picture, he will stand and look out the window instead of playing with toys. The other day Clark and I went outside and looked in at him... he was very amused by this!


Mohawk Revisited!


Aunt Crystal said...

What happened to that picture of the Royals game your mom sent you? She worked really hard on that, ya know.

Anonymous said...

I'll try and leave a comment again - keep loosing it!!!!

We had so much fun with all the boys and my how Max has grown and he is doing great. They were all so precious together and we certainly had a new day care center!!!! They were certainly well cared for!

We missed you and Clark - thanks for letting Max come - What a special time for Granddad and I.

I sure enjoy reading your blogs and miss them when you miss several days. It is great to watch Max learn to do new things.

We love you,

Gmaw & Gdad