Wednesday, May 13, 2009

getting around

Max is totally out of control! He can not only crawl anywhere he wants to go but he has now mastered standing up against just about any object. He can shimmy up the leg of the coffee table. Scale the front of the entertainment center. Squeeze up the leather of the chair. Stick his fingers into the holes of the laundry basket. Scale a rock wall. Ok, I made the last one up, but maybe he could if he tried! He has mastered it. And he has the bruises to prove it. I have always learned throughout nursing school and now working at a children's hospital that bruises in various stages of healing can be signs of child abuse. Luckily his are all in very bony places and if you ask me I think they are pretty stinking cute. He looks so tough!

The newest thing we have been working on is eating more solid foods and having Max feed himself. I mean you would think with the way he inhales the puffs that he would love feeding himself. Ha. I wish. He is doing a little better, but honestly 90% of the time he acts like I am either trying to poison him or give him rotten eggs (which kinda sounds like poison!). He makes this sour face and pulls back shaking his head vigorously. It sounds funny, and it was, for about the first 100 times. Now, it is just plain annoying. He will eat a lot of things if I force gently place them in his mouth. I have tried a lot of tricks with no luck. He only likes the baby foods that are sweet: Apples and Chicken, Sweet potatoes and Turkey, yellow and orange veggies, and EVERY fruit/dessert item available. I can't say I blame him, I do love dessert, but he is entirely too picky!!! We tried spaghetti with some success, he didn't care for the chunks when eating from a spoon. He occasionally eats mac and cheese. He gags on anything new and if it isn't one of the above mentioned he fussess the entire time he is eating. We made homemade food: mashed potato and peas... not having it. Melon puree... this one he loves, of course!! Jello... also loves. Ravioli... nope. Yesterday he ate bread, cheese and some roast beef with only a few fusses. The biggest problem - he finds it horribly repulsive to touch the food himself. He won't eat it unless I feed him. He'll grab it then let go like it is on fire or covered in slime. He's a mess. Anyone else's kids do this? Is it a phase? It is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!! Some of his faces are cute though.... :)

This is watermelon. He was feeding himself so well, but gagged a little on a bigger chunk. I cut it a little smaller and he wanted nothing to do with it... aggh!

Vegetable Beef Dinner. This is the face I get.

Feel sorry for me!!

He had about a 5 course meal tonight by the time I found something he would eat.

As for us? We had T-bone steaks, potatoes and salad for dinner. Nothing fancy, just put some steak seasoning on the steaks and grilled them. Potatoes any way, we love them roasted but tonight had a fussy baby so we pan-fried them quick. Then salad with toasted asain sesame dressing... yum-o! And after all the fussing I could sure use some Sheridans. They should deliver.

Good Night!!!

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Grandma dee said...

A child with a mind of his own. . . Wonder where he got that from? :)