Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A little more balance...

That's what I'm hoping this new addition does... adds some balance. I am outnumbered 3:1 in this house and a baby girl will only play to my advantage. Baby Girl Tatum will join our lives in early August. Because of Max being born so early I am taking a few extra precautions. I would love to say that I am being pampered and having all of the household chores done for me by my wonderful, loving hubby. But, come on girls... we know that is just in our dreams. Being pregnant is exhausting and truthfully all I want to do is sleep and eat. However, an almost 2 year old does not fit into that plan. Life goes on as normal as before- work, cleaning, cooking and laundry... with the exception of frequent ultrasounds and weekly shots of progesterone. However, that wonderful hubby of mine doesn't complain when my answer to what's for dinner is "I have no idea" or when the laundry sits folded in baskets for days. We are so truly excited to have another baby, boy or girl. We have two nieces on Clark's side of the family, but on my side... 5 boys. Five crazy, full of energy, always hungry, loud, and not-so cuddly boys. Needless to say my family will be VERY disappointed if the doctor is wrong!! Sure they say "we'll just be happy with a healthy baby" but we know the truth. I do have to admit that decorating this baby's nursery and now actually getting to browse through "the other side of the baby store" has been pretty fun!!

Max has turned into a little man. He eats all the time but the best part is hearing his request. "Snack" is the most amusing thing to hear, he crinkles his nose and very nasal-y says "naak." Eat just sounds like a very long "eee" sound, cookie: "ccccookkkkkie" and drink: "deek." He knows who people are and loves to point out in public that I am his "mama" and Clark is his "dada." He also knows dee and dad-dad and hates to see them leave. He runs everywhere and is so busy all the time. He loves cars, balls, reading books, saying animal sounds and pointing out his body parts: eyes, nose, ears, toes, fingers, teeth and belly. He mastered fit throwing and attempts it in public any chance he gets. I have to admit that more than once I have felt like "that mom who needs to control her child." In record time Max can get out every toy he owns, scatter and mix them amongst the floor then proceed to play with them. They are not as much fun individually.

One of our favorite things... kisses!